Ascensos continues to innovate by choosing leading Employee Optimisation solution AgenTrak

The A-Team chooses the A-Product

Manchester, UK: Asterlogic is excited to partner with Ascensos to provide the leading employee optimisation solution AgenTrak, to help maintain performance across their remote working employees.

“With remote working becoming the norm, we have helped Ascensos make the transition to remote working without loss of productivity” says Steve Spratt, COO at asterlogic. “Ascensos is recognised for choosing best of breed solutions and we are delighted to support them in their new ventures”

“The ability to quickly adapt to market changes and respond with flexibility is key to our client partnerships. Moving our workforce to the home was initially a challenge, but AgenTrak made the transition seamless. Our staff are performing as well if not better than when they were in the Contact Centre” says David Gilfillan, Technology Director at Ascensos, “With AgenTrak we have full visibility of our remote teams and its impact has helped in our decision to make homeworking a core offering ongoing”

AgenTrak is the leading Employee Optimisation solution, allowing managers to have better visibility of their remote workers productivity, helping ensure performance is high and employee wellbeing is monitored.

About Asterlogic: Asterlogic is headquartered in Manchester, UK and is the leading employee monitoring & optimisation software company. They innovate and deliver high quality solutions to help their customers gain large productivity gains across their business. Achieving record growth in 2020, asterlogic continue to lead their field in employee optimisation.

About Ascensos: Ascensos is headquartered in Motherwell, UK, was founded by Dermot Jenkinson and John Devlin in 2013 and has six contact centres across the UK, Central and Eastern Europe. It is a gold medal winner at the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards and supports more than 20 clients, including high street names such as KFC, Aldi, Wickes and JD Sports. Revenues in 2019 were £30 million.

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