Alternative home pastimes for the winter season: bingo

Alternative home pastimes for the winter season: bingo

Evolution of bingo, one of the most loved games by Italians since time immemorial, imported from the United States, has also become a daily pastime for us, with thousands of people going to the bingo halls scattered in every city or playing this game online, simple but compelling.

Online Bingo is probably the most popular of the many games available on the internet. Available on practically all operators, it is present with different game modes.

Play Bingo online, operator selection

Playing Bingo online is as simple as doing it in a local bingo hall, with the obvious advantage of playing whenever and wherever you want, without worries about schedules, restrictions or the need to travel.

You will only have to choose the gaming operator like  and you can do so by selecting the one that inspires you the most or the one that guarantees you the best bonuses on registration or reload or the one that allows you to reload and receive payments even at local tobacconists or bingo halls. To date we would like to recommend you smartphone app that allows you to have fun in safety even on the move.

Play Bingo online, use of bonuses

Many operators offering Bingo online offer a bonus upon registration or the first top-up. The promotion consists of a certain number of gift cards or a “monetary” value to be played before being eventually redeemed. It is very important to check if the bonus is activated automatically or if it is necessary to enter the promotional code indicated by the operator to obtain it.

As far as the value of the bonus is concerned, it can be redeemed by respecting the indications given in the terms and conditions of the same.

Online bingo: the game

Once you have chosen the game operator, follow the simple steps to register on the site and make your first deposit. As soon as the same is effective, you can immediately start playing. Some operators will allow you to play even without depositing anything, giving you folders as soon as you have finished registering and verified the identity document sent.

Choose your favorite game room, decide the value of the single card (from 1 cent to 10 €) and start playing immediately. You can mark the numbers manually or have the operator perform all the work, acting only as an interested spectator.

Online bingo: how to win

The rules may vary between individual game operators, but most platforms allow for five, double five and obviously Bingo. Most platforms then add special payouts. These winnings consist in obtaining Bingo or Cinquina and Double Cinquina in a certain number of balls drawn.


Online Bingo Game Modes

The classic game of online Bingo is based on the extraction of 90 numbers; numbers that are “drawn” in sequence, with the game stopping when there are one or more winners.

There are also variants of traditional 90-number online Bingo, such as the 75-number version, also called “American”, much loved because it is faster than the more traditional one in our country, recently regulated by the new gambling law.

Online Bingo Folders

90 Number Online Bingo uses cards that closely resemble traditional bingo. The traditional online Bingo card contains 15 numbers, divided into three rows and nine columns each.

75 Number Online Bingo instead uses a square card made up of five rows and 5 columns. The central square is left empty (it is in fact called “free space”). The remaining 24 slots are all filled with numbers ranging from 1 to 75. Thanks to the square shape, in 75 number bingo rows, columns and diagonals are winning. In this version, combinations of 3 lines and 4 lines are also normally considered winners.

There are also “niche” variants called 80-number Bingo and 30-number Bingo. Whichever game variant you choose you will surely be thrilled by online Bingo, try it, you will not regret your choice.