5 Ways Metformin Could Help You Live Longer

Everyone is looking for ways to live longer. There are different diets, exercise regimes, skincare routines, and meditation practices that all claim to add years to your life. In our younger years, our lifespan isn’t exactly top of mind; however, as we get older, the thought of prolonging our health and life span becomes much more prominent.

The ability to live longer has been the theme of fairy tales, Disney, and Sci-fi movies for decades. Although the storylines differ, there is always one secret ingredient that gives the person who has it a longer life and a more youthful appearance. Although these movies present the concept in a very fictional manner, there is some reality to this. In fact, people are already living longer than they once were.

According to an analysis published in the Journal of The Royal Society of Medicine, life expectancy has increased. Between 1480 and 1679, the life expectancy for women was 48.2. In 2019, the life expectancy was 83.1.

Research into aging and life expectancy goes beyond the movie screen. Scientists and medical experts are continuously looking at human life expectancy potential and ways that will help people live longer. One of these ways is potentially through Metformin.

Metformin is a medication derived from compounds found in the French plant. It is currently an FDA-approved drug used to treat diabetes as it helps control blood sugars. Although it has been used for over 60 years, the discovery of its potential longevity advantages are more recent. By activating longevity pathways and genes, it is theorized to provide several anti-aging benefits.  Here are 5 ways Metformin could help you live longer:

  1. Reduces the chance of diabetes and increases the lifespan of patients with diabetes

According to federal data, 12% of Americans die from diabetes-related causes. It’s the third leading cause of death, following cancer and heart disease. Metformin is not only used to treat diabetes, but it can also prevent it. Research has found that Metformin can prevent or delay the onset of diabetes by 31%. Interestingly, they found it to be especially effective when taken earlier in life, between the ages of 25 and 44, although still effective for those older than 45. The effects were even stronger when Metformin was combined with positive lifestyle changes such as exercise and a healthy diet.

For those with type 2 diabetes, Metformin can also increase lifespan. An impressive study consisting of 78,000 participants found that individuals with Type 2 diabetes who were taking Metformin had a longer survival rate than the non-diabetic control group.

  1. Potentially reduces risk of some cancers.

Cancer is also one of the leading causes of death in America and can affect men and women of all ages. Although there is no  “cure for cancer”, there is some data showing potential Metformin benefits for reducing the risk of pancreatic, colon, and gastroenterological cancer. A Mayo Clinic study found that Metformin could also better predict survival in those with ovarian cancer. Further, it has been found to decrease the mortality rate of all-cause and prostate cancer.

  1. Potentially reduces risk of cognitive impairment.

Approximately 5% of deaths are caused by dementia; however, experts believe this number is lower than it should be. Those with cognitive impairment are at high risk for other illnesses and injuries and may experience a reduced quality of life. Individuals with diabetes are at a higher risk of dementia.  Fortunately, there is some data showing Metformin could reduce this risk. A 4-year study found that Metformin showed an inverse association with cognitive impairment. Another study stated, “diabetes is associated with an increased risk of dementia. The risk effect becomes weaker provided that participants take sulfonylureas or Metformin rather than thiazolidinediones for a longer period”.

  1. Reduces cardiovascular and macrovascular risk.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US, with one person dying from cardiovascular disease every 36 seconds! Macrovascular disease can result in stroke or heart attack, and those with diabetes are especially at high risk. A randomized, placebo-controlled trial found that Metformin reduces the risk of macrovascular disease. They followed up with patients over 4 years later and concluded that Metformin could also reduce cardiovascular mortality. Metformin use reduced the incidence of cardiovascular events in patients with coronary heart disease.

  1. Increases weight loss in obese individuals who are insulin sensitive or resistant.

The prevalence of obesity is increasing at a steady rate. Those who are considered obese are at greater risk of serious health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancers. A 2012 study examined the effectiveness of Metformin on weight loss in non-diabetic individuals with obesity. The study concluded that Metformin is an effective drug able to increase weight loss in obese patients who are insulin sensitive and insulin resistant.

Researchers have identified the 9 scientific hallmarks or aging-pathways that basically trigger aging and age-related diseases. Metformin has been found to impact most of these hallmarks, including genomic instability, epigenetic alternation, cellular senescence, and deregulated nutrient sensing. Generally speaking, individuals will take 1,000mg/day in the form of a tablet, although this depends on doctor recommendations. Often individuals who start taking Metformin will start with a smaller dose and gradually increase the amount.

With benefits like these, it’s no surprise Metformin is listed on the World Health Organization’s Model List of Essential Medicines. Fortunately, you won’t need to negotiate with an evil witch or go to battle with a neighboring kingdom like movies suggest. Metformin has become very accessible and can easily be acquired by the public.  AgelessRx.com, a telehealth subscription service that focuses on longevity therapies, sells metformin online.

Through an aging-related mechanism, this drug could help you live longer, and all you need to do is go online and complete the ordering process.