The Blockchain Companies you need to know about in 2021

These are the new blockchain products you need to know about in 2021

Blockchain development specialists from ‘hack’, have revealed the up-and-comers in everything crypto that you need to keep your eyes peeled for in 2021.

The blockchain consultants are the first port of call for many new arrivals to the blockchain world, who utilise hack for initial consultancy and development of their products and services. As such, the expert team has insider knowledge of some of the biggest blockchain brands that are new to the market and coming soon.

These are some of the most exciting new blockchain developments you need to know about in 2021.


Waellet is a new and increasingly popular browser extension wallet for aeternity blockchain launched by hack themselves, which allows users to utilise and manage their aeternity currency in their browser.

The extension allows users to easily interact with different decentralised applications straight through the browser. The goal of Waellet is to be the first choice in interacting with dApps hosted on different blockchains. This means that Waellet will allow users to pay for different services without the need to worry about the network of the particular dApp.

In addition, Waellet allows its users to create FTs (fungible tokens) and participate in auctions for AENS names.


Superhero is a newly launched-app which brings the custom of tipping online, allowing you to tip anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Tipping has become an ingrained part of our culture, typically used as a thank you to employees working in the hospitality, personal care, transport and other service industries.

Now thanks to Superhero, the custom of tipping can be brought online to support content creators, social movements, influencers and others in the digital space.

Unlike other online tipping platforms, Superhero is unique in that it can be used to tip any public URL online, and doesn’t require that the person being tipped to have a profile set up in advance. Additionally, Superhero doesn’t take any commission from the tip and applies no restrictions over who can and cannot be tipped.
Essentially this groundbreaking offering is the world’s first-ever decentralised, censorship-free and open source social tipping platform.

The app can also be used much like any other social media platform – allowing users to share and engage with the content of interest, but unlike many other social platforms, the app will not analyse or sell users’ data.


Wetonomy is an innovative way for businesses to manage and reward their staff to build a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), and essentially operate a business run by code.

The framework operates by allowing business owners to create a set of ‘rules’ that will automatically reward particular actions of employees – such as hours worked or achievements gained.

When these actions are completed employees will be given tokens. The tokens can be used to represent a value within the business – such as funding projects and making decisions, and can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, providing monetary value to the employee.

Wetonomy will play a huge part in shaping a new type of workplace, one built on a level of trust and automation that wouldn’t be possible without blockchain technology.

Jelly Swap

Jelly Swap has been an innovative and necessary development in allowing users to swap cryptocurrencies across blockchain networks on a peer to peer level.

The functionality makes it easy for users to switch currencies in a non-custodial and trustless way, with no registration required. The platform relies solely on smart contracts, with no middleman.

Additionally, users can earn a profit on Jelly Swap by providing liquidity to the protocol.

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