Second-hand Home Gym Equipment Sales Soar as Gym Closures and Approaching Summer Encourage Nation to Get in Shape

Those keen to get in shape for summer are continuing to flock online to stock up on home gym equipment and a leading e-retailer has the figures to prove it. sells a vast array of home gym equipment online at competitive prices and has experienced record sales during the last few months of lockdown.

Prompted by the continued closure of gyms and group fitness classes, exercise enthusiasts are investing in fitness equipment that they can use in the comfort of their own home or garden.

The evolution of home fitness since the UK was plunged into a full lockdown has been transformative, with those that usually get their fitness kick on the gym floor making the switch to sweating it out during home workouts. Statistics have revealed that since gyms closed, 70% of regular exercisers have purchased some form of home gym equipment, enabling them to sweat it out at home.

Used Gym Equipment sells superior gym machinery from industry-leading brands including Body Sculpture and TechnoGym. More than just an online shopping site though, the popular website is also a valuable destination for those that are unsure about the process of purchasing different forms of second-hand gym equipment.

Website Manager Tim Scott said:

“Though the pandemic and subsequent lockdown has been detrimental for many industries, the home fitness industry has thrived as people look for remote ways to remain active. Our site has been experiencing epic traffic levels as fitness fanatics scour online for high-quality equipment that they can use at home.

“Strength training has certainly become the go-to workout for many keen to both build strength and lose weight, and we’ve seen strength-related equipment including free weights and items associated with functional training selling at record rates. Sales on these kinds of items are up 65%, while traffic to our website has increased by a staggering 170%.

We offer something unique in the sense that our tailored guidance gives people the confidence to buy second-hand, even when they are unsure about the process.”

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