Next Health’s Strategic Expansion into Charlotte and Nashville: Advancing Health Optimisation

In an ambitious move, Next Health has announced its venture into Charlotte, NC, and Nashville, TN, marking a significant stride in its U.S. and global expansion. This development reflects Next Health’s commitment to introducing pioneering wellness solutions aimed at elevating overall health standards for diverse communities.

A central element of this expansion is a collaboration with Scott Crosbie, a distinguished entrepreneur, through a multi-unit area development agreement. This partnership will see the establishment of three Next Health locations in Charlotte and four in Nashville. The first site in Nashville, set to launch by 2024’s end, will kickstart a comprehensive strategy to inaugurate seven Next Health centers, revolutionising health practices in both cities.

Scott Svilich, COO of Next Health, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership: “We’re thrilled to partner with as accomplished an entrepreneur as Scott Crosbie on this exciting growth phase for Next Health in domestic markets. His expertise in the business and marketing spaces, along with his dedication to our mission to help people achieve optimal vitality and longevity, are essential as we bring innovative health solutions to the communities of Charlotte and Nashville.”

Kevin Peake, President & Co-Founder of Next Health, underscored the significance of this expansion. He remarked, “Our excitement stems from the profound opportunity to enhance lives through transformative services, observing the remarkable impact of our approach in various cities. The demand for Next Health’s cutting-edge solutions reinforces the need for proactive health initiatives, and we’re honored to lead this movement.”

The expansion into Charlotte and Nashville aligns perfectly with Next Health’s vision for leading the way in health optimisation and longevity solutions. The wellness industry, predicted to grow

by 8.6% annually and reach a market value of $8.5 trillion by 2027, highlights the enormous potential for Next Health’s innovative approach.

As Next Health forges ahead with its global expansion, it signals the dawn of a new era in health care. The company’s innovative health solutions are set to meet the growing demand in this field, propelling them to the forefront of health optimisation and longevity. Next Health’s unique concept of integrating a variety of effective treatments under one roof not only caters to a broad customer base but also assures outstanding economic returns for franchisees in this rapidly growing wellness sector.

For those interested in joining the Next Health franchise network in the U.S. or internationally, further details can be found on the Next Health Franchise website or by contacting them at