Wednesday, February 21, 2024

How to Overcome a Bad Interview? 5 Working tips!

Do you know what is the most difficult step while applying for a job? The interview. You always prepare well and give your 100% but some days are just not your days. No matter how hard you try, how perfectly you answer all the questions you simply could not get through those interview rounds. Sometimes these rejections could take a serious toll on your mental health. You may not wish to appear for any of the interviews or talk to anyone regarding the job. But we need to understand that this is a phase and it would pass out with time. It might be easy for some to come out of it while some might take forever to begin the fresh start. You can also take help from the internet. A quick search for Interview kickstart on YouTube would give you thousands of suggestions. Here is a quick guide for those who are finding it hard to come out of this phase.

Take your time

You could be angry or frustrated after getting rejected by the interviewer but that does not mean your career ends there itself.  Take a deep breath and try to recollect the overall incident. Accept that this incident has happened to you and let it go. Do not let it dwell on your mind for a longer time. Indulge yourself in meditation or yoga to calm yourself and attain inner peace.

Ask for feedback from the Interviewer

We understand that this might be a difficult step for you at this moment but doing this would certainly help you a lot for your next step. Ask your interviewer or the consultant about the feedback on your bad interview. You can send an email to the interviewer and request them to share the feedback with you. If they are asking you to apply again after some time then accept it and thank them for the same.

Understand the reasons behind the poor performance

While you let go of the negative shadows of the bad incident do not forget the impact it has created on your life. Take a lesson and move ahead with it. Try to analyse the incident and figure out what went wrong and what you could have done additionally to score that interview. Talk to yourself. There is no better mentor than just talking to yourself and accepting your mistakes. Motivate yourself to forget about whatever happened and move on to the further steps. Recollect each and every question that was asked during the interview and also analyse the way you had answered it.

Discuss with your friends or family

If you are not comfortable talking to yourself about it then catch hold of any of your close friends or family members who can listen to you and advise on this. If they have been through this phase then they will certainly guide you on how to overcome it and move ahead in your life. Another method that you can try here is to befriend your Journal. Journaling helps you to put down all your negative thoughts on paper and allow your mind to be grateful for the opportunities that you have got.

Request for the second chance

So now you have come out of that depressing phase. But what’s next? Don’t you wish to come out and give yourself another chance yourself? You certainly deserve that. In this case, try contacting the employer again and request another round of an interview. You can either approach via email or a call through the email communication looks more professional. You can send them a thank you note and request for another round of an interview. Most of the companies do consider another attempt at an interview after a certain period. If you do not get any response do not worry you can approach the other company

Prepare yourself for the second chance

After a couple of attempts for getting the interview done, you finally convinced the employer to consider you again. Now the next step is to give your 200% and make sure you are fully prepared for it. Study the background of the company and the job profile properly before you leave for the interview. Practice mirror talks to boost your self-confidence and ask all the possible questions to yourself which an interviewer might ask. You can also take help from online resources. If you are from a technical background then there is a Tech interview Blog on IK which you can refer to.