Bedsure Home Adds 2 New Colours to its Silk Fabrics

After a difficult 2020 for many people, in 2021, many people are looking for colors that inspire hope and optimism. To meet customer needs and desires, Bedsure has consistently created high quality home textiles, décor and accessories with a variety of benefits, including comfort and creative inspiration

Having produced a wide variety of bedding products and fabric types, Bedsure Home has recently released two new colours for their silk pillowcases and eye masks – black and champaign. Now, customers can choose from a total of 5 colors for their king and queen-sized beds, guest bedrooms and couches.

The Bedsure pillowcases and eye masks are made out of 100% Mulberry Silk with 22 Momme. This means the silk is of a high quality and has a higher weight than lower-numbered Momme silk. Mulberry Silk is sought after for its lightness, smoothness and luxurious shine. It is commonly used in pajamas and bedding.

Black is a perennial colour that is versatile enough to use with a variety of surrounding colors, whether warmer ones like orange or cooler ones like navy blue. Black silk is a suitable option for customers who frequently change their interior home patterns and designs or who want a solid, stable color.

Several fashion magazines have identified champaign as a popular color for 2021. As noted by WWD, ‘Pantone’s 2021 spring color predictions, which also include champagne and gold hues, suggest people are looking to color palettes that consist of brightening and soothing shades.’ Champaign adds a sophisticated warmth to a bedroom, whether in a studio apartment or a country-side house.

By offering both well-loved classics, like black, and popular, newer colours, like champaign, Bedsure Home continues to help its customers feel comfy and comfortable no matter where they call home.

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