It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t want longer fuller lashes. They are every woman dreams. It’s almost impossible to see women these days having bald lashes. And that’s why eyelashes are very important to a woman’s beauty and appearance.

Apparently, many settle for fake lashes and extension to give them that look they crave for, while it is very possible to have natural lashes with less effort.

Here are a few tips that would help you get that natural eyelash to grow longer and fuller.

Use of petroleum jelly to massage your eyelash

Sometimes we feel dryness and notice our eyelash isn’t growing as fast as we expected. You may also wonder what might cause this, but there are many reasons associated with it.

However, the use of petroleum jelly to massage the eyelash has proven to be very effective in helping to moisten and grow the eyelash. Also, the use of Vaseline to massage the eye before bed every night is recommended. This will help with the irritation sometimes as well as improve eyelash growth.

Washing your face daily

When we wash our face regularly, we help the eyes get rid of dirt, oil and gunk that might have gathered during the day or even at night. The use of soap or moisturizing wipes to clean the eye can be very helpful in ensuring the care of the lashes.

Our focus should be to gently clean the area around the eyes which often help to leave the lashes healthy and shiny.

Using eye curler rather than mascara and extension

Eye curler is a very good beauty instrument that we can use to mimic the way an eyelash should be curled and how mascara makes us have long curled lashes. The instrument is made to mimic the curvature of your lashes and they come in different brands.

When you purchase a lash curler or already have one, always make sure the soft rubbery part is still there as this might damage or make your lashes fall off.

Use eyelash dye

This is very useful for those with light coloured eyelash as well as helping you increase the appearance of your eyelash. Eyelash dye is very helpful because they are able to make your lashes appear better and more darkened. You can choose to dye your lashes black or brown as you please.

Using an eyelash dye is best done by a professional because of the chemicals that are used can be sensitive to your eyeballs, although there are home kits available in the market. Also, avoid using the dye often as this might damage your lashes more making it unable to grow properly.