HAPSIE is a new comic strip whose heroes take on the real-life challenge of climate change.

Created by renewable energy company, Clean Planet Energy, it is a daily comic available for free online. Targeted at the 7+ age group, HAPSIE’s creators have stated their aim is to “amuse, amaze, and educate” readers.

Bertie Stephens, CEO of Clean Planet Energy, and acting as the inaugural Editor of the HAPSIE, discussed the comics’ release.

He said: “Every weekday at 2.30pm we unveil a new story from one of the 10+ brilliant HAPSIE characters. Most of the time these stories help us better the world around us in an entertaining way, other times they are just being a little bit silly.”

Mr Stephens added that the comic is not just about climate action, stating: “Accessible, Diverse, and Enjoyable were key milestones when planning HAPSIE. We wanted the content to be free and entertaining for all ages, and with a team of writers and illustrators in 6 of the 7 continents we hope our stories and characters can help reflect all walks of life”.

The characters within this comic include Cunning Carly, Upcycle Michael and Ignorant Ike. The only adult within the HAPSIE crew is Greedy Greg, a businessman whose values and goals are based more in commerce than ethics.

The website hosting the comic also includes videos starring the main characters, as well as other original content and a link to purchase a physical bi-annual HAPSIE hardback consisting of ‘over 200+ pages.

Further information about all things HAPSIE, can be found on