chatvisual uses Earth Day celebrations to commit to forest conservation

chatvisual, an online tool for paid 1:1 video conversations, has marked Earth Day by announcing a new, environment-friendly business policy. Starting today, the company will plant a tree for every conversation made on the platform.

In conjunction with Earth Day celebrations, chatvisual will invest in protecting and enhancing the natural environment. The popular online tool helps users engage in 1:1 video conversations in a hassle-free manner. Going forward, chatvisual will either plant one tree for every paid conversation made using the platform or pay to protect an existing tree through its conversation efforts.

Earth Day is observed each year all over the world on April 22 as the largest civic observance in the world, with more than 1 billion participants across 192 countries. The objective of celebrating this day is to raise public awareness about the environment and inspire people to save and protect it. The first Earth Day was celebrated in America on April 22, 1970.

“Earth Day is a timely reminder to us all that protecting the natural environment must continue to be at the heart of every business model and at the core of our values. Our deep love of plants is the essence of the chatvisual philosophy and mission to give back to the world and our planet,” said a spokesperson from chatvisual. “We aim to celebrate Earth Day every day and there is no better way to do that than planting a tree for every conversation you make on our platform. We urge all of you to start using chatvisual more frequently and help us create a greener planet for the future generations.”

About chatvisual: chatvisual is an online tool that can be used for engaging in paid 1:1 video conversations. The platform is fully browser based, and therefore, doesn’t require any software to be downloaded. There is a quick and simple process for chatvisual experts to create their profile page, establish their availability and share their personalized link with their audience. The company believes that everyone has an expertise that is worth sharing and works towards making it as hassle-free as possible to share this expertise.