Can I run my business entirely from a mobile device?

When Apple recently announced the new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, it shared reams of statistics providing a jaw-dropping insight into the significant power of the handsets’ A12 Bionic processor. Have we reached the stage where, for business purposes, a phone can entirely replace your laptop?

A closer look at the situation does seem to show that we are nearing that stage. Provided that you utilise a phone in the right way, that little device can be your go-to tool in the following respects…

The same apps are now available across multiple platforms

You could be surprised by how many desktop-based apps built for corporate use are now also available in mobile-optimised form for smartphones and tablets. This is the case with the collaboration tool Slack and the productivity suites of Google’s G Suite and Microsoft’s Office 365.

It would be wise to download mobile versions of the desktop apps that are commonly used in your company’s office. That way, even outside the office, you can make desktop-standard edits on the fly.

You can carefully cherry-pick from the vast range of apps

Given the huge number of mobile apps in the digital stores run by Apple and Google, you run the risk of going overboard with how many apps you proceed to install.

To you, it may initially make sense that, with a variety of apps ready to go on that little slab of glass and metal, you will be able to rectify a variety of issues… right? Actually, you could more easily keep confusion at bay if you limit yourself to just a few carefully-chosen apps, says TechRepublic.

Be the voice of reason

You might not have realised just how many small-but-crucial business routines you can carry out just by barking orders at your device. Voice assistants like Siri allow you to vocally dictate responses to emails and quickly source numbers and other information when you are in an awkward spot.

Millennials who have grown up with smartphones could be particularly receptive to these methods. Letting them use them isn’t the only way of aligning your business mobile solution to their needs.

Download a remote desktop app

Sometimes, you might be on your travels but in a pickle that urgently requires you to access a desktop. All will not be lost – well, at least on the assumption that you installed a remote desktop app such as LogMeIn on your mobile device before you left the office.

Similarly, if you set up the Connect service from communications firm Gamma, you can benefit from all of a fixed line phone system’s features even when you are limited to a mobile device.

Don’t forget to tighten up your mobile device’s security

This has obvious relevance for a business that regularly handles sensitive data, like the payment details of customers or clients, through a mobile device.

Fortunately, the rising prominence of biometric authentication methods, such as Apple’s Face ID, could help to trim the risk of fraud in a business context, The Telegraph enthuses.