A Brief Yet Comprehensive Guide For Your First Time Visit to British Columbia

From dense rainforests to the deep Pacific Ocean and the high mountain summits, British Columbia is a spectacular Canadian province to explore in 2021. Despite being home to the mildest Canadian climate, British Columbia is also as diverse as it gets when it comes to exploring.

From being able to ski and surf, even on the same day, BC is nothing less than a treasure trove not only for tourists but also the locals. Whenever you are ready to explore Canada’s tallest mountains and the dense cities of North America, we have you all covered in this comprehensive yet brief travel guide to the incredibly wonderful province of BC.

Best Ways to Get to British Columbia

If you are a tourist and looking for the smartest and best ways to get to BC, we have the following practical advice for you:

Since British Columbia is sandwiched between Alberta, Yukon, and Washington, most tourists get to BC by a car while crossing the border of Washington or flying over Alberta’s Rocky Mountains on a plane. If you are in a car, we recommend taking the Highway of Trans-Canada. Besides going from coast to coast, the Trans-Canada Highway cuts right through Alberta’s Rocky Mountains and ends in Vancouver.

On your way to Vancouver, you can make different stays, i.e., at the Stanley Park Brewery, take a stroll through Stanley Park, or drive up to the popular Canadian ski resort, Whistler. If you are looking for the most spectacular way to arrive in British Columbia, you must arrive in your car while driving from Calgary to Vancouver!

Suppose a car isn’t your favorite traveling method. In that case, you can always book the flight as BC comprises five international airports, which are the YVR (Vancouver International Airport), YLW (Kelowna International Airport), YXX (Abbotsford International Airport), YYJ (Victoria International Airport), and YXC (Canadian Rockies International Airport) respectively.

Despite the smaller regional airports, outsiders prefer to arrive at the five international airports mentioned above. If you plan to explore BC’s coasts, we recommend arriving at one of the two airports in Vancouver and Victoria. To visit the Rocky Mountains and explore the wine regions of interior British Columbia, you best land at one of the two airports of the Canadian Rockies or Kelowna.

The Best Time to Visit British Columbia

For the most part, BC is a year-round destination which makes it a popular tourist spot. With the mildest climate of the country, BC’s winters are less harsh than other Canadian territories. Nonetheless, the climate varies on where you go in BC. For instance, you will find the mildest climate in the coastal areas, including Vancouver Island. On the other hand, you will experience extreme temperatures in the Northern parts of BC and at the Canadian Rockies in Eastern BC.

Summer (June-September) is the busiest and most popular time to visit Canada and British Columbia. However, if you prefer least-crowded costs and looking for a silent escape, spring and winter are a good time to visit BC. If you are looking for snow, in particular, we recommend that you head straight to Whistler, which is located only two hours away from Vancouver. Trust us; you will have the best snowboarding and skiing experience of your life.

Tofino, another popular surfing spot in Canada, is perfect for extreme winter sports. That said, summer is also an ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities under the blue skies. The spring is certainly nice, especially when the flowers start blooming in Victoria, yet visitors have to deal with more rain.