Empowered software teams use metrics for better business decisions — now your team can too

LEEDS, UK, 10 May 2021 — How fast are we going? What should we do next? Where’s the bottleneck? Your software team needs answers! But to be able to measure, you need metrics. Metrics give software teams a shared resource to poke, prod, question and explore. From these metrics come conversations and insights that help them succeed.

Mattia Battiston and Chris Young, leading practitioners in software development, announce the print publication of their book Metrics for Business Decisions. In it they provide a set of tools for answering crucial questions, making it easier for teams to work on the things that matter most: high-value, high-quality, timely outcomes for users and customers.

Organizations that rely on stale best practices or management intuition to make decisions may fail in significant ways. Their progress on software projects may stall without warning, they may miss release deadlines, they may underdeliver on their promises. Worse still, they will not know why.

Metrics for Business Decisions will take you and your software team from a practice with no metrics to one where metrics are driving your day-to-day decisions about your work.

“Having a foot in both the technology and business camps, I have seen how shared metrics can provide a foundation for better communication and understanding and so lead to better outcomes. It’s really important to me that this is a nurturing and helpful book and, like the work, it is very much a team effort.”
— Chris Young, co-author of Metrics for Business Decisions

About the authors

Mattia Battiston is a software developer from Verona with a great passion for learning and continuous improvement. Since 2008 he has been focused on helping dev teams to improve using Kanban, Lean, Agile and, of course, a lot of data and metrics. @BattistonMattia 

Chris Young is an active member of the Lean/Agile/DevOps community who has spoken at meetups and conferences across Europe including GOTO Berlin, Agile Cambridge, CukeUp and QCon. He works with engineering and management teams to improve the effectiveness of software delivery. @worldofchris 

Book distribution

Metrics for Business Decisions was first published via Leanpub and is now available in print and ebook formats from Amazon stores worldwide (US, Canada, DE, FR, UK) and other territories, Book Depository, other good book retailers, and on popular e-book stores, releasing 10 May 2021. @BizMetricsBook – Book website: bizmetricsbook.com 

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