Homecactus Launches Succulent Plant Pot on Amazon that is Bigger and Better than the Competition

A beautiful set of small plant pots for plant lovers


Homecactus launched a magnificent set of 3 matte-finished ceramic plant pots on Amazon. They are 10x10x10cm in size with drainage holes and bamboo trays making them perfect to grow succulent, cacti and small plants. Made with strong and durable ceramic material, they can be utilized indoors and outdoors. A glazed matte-finish makes them visually attractive.


Most succulent plant pots sold on Amazon are ridiculously small. You need to re-pot your succulents, cacti, and small plants after they grow.


Homecactus plant pots offer an excellent size to grow succulents, cacti, and small plants without the need to re-pot.


Quote from Aaron Pereira owner of homecactus. “I love succulents and I have grown many at home, but the pots they come in or the ones you can buy on Amazon are too small. My succulents felt trapped as they would outgrow the pot in no time. That is why I have decided on making our 10cm plant pots. I want my succulents to have a more spacious home. It is like giving a goldfish a large aquarium instead of a small fishbowl. My succulents are happier“


Customer testimonial “I was a bit apprehensive as I was aware I had ordered a breakable item. The packaging was excellent and I was so happy all three pots were intact!

They looked very posh and I’m glad to say that I am very pleased with these pots. The colours are exactly like the photos and descriptions and honestly, I liked the size of the pots as any small plant can be placed in it. Does not have to be a succulent or cacti only”


Homecactus succulent plant pot is available on Amazon UK right now.


Contact Details:

Aaron Pereira

Website Url : http://homecactus.com/

Email: aaron@homecactus.com

Address:  26, Covell House

Pelman way

Epsom, Surrey

KT19 8HJ

United Kingdom

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