How To Efficiently Power Led Light?

Nowadays, LEDs are preferred for most lighting applications due to its energy efficiency capability as it creates massive light from a mini form factor. Furthermore, it can be a great choice when you’re thinking of adding subtlety and colors to your room. The easy setup and installation make it feasible for an amateur who doesn’t possess electrical experience. But beforehand, it’s essential to do some planning to ensure the LED power supply meets the correct length of LEDs. Hence, the wrong usage of LED power supply can result in drastic effects, such as destroying your product or causing a deadly fire. There are 12vdc power supplies for sale online that you can buy, if it’s not for your Led light, you can use them for your computer.

  1. Determine the correct voltage

There is a DC Voltage of your LED product that indicates the appropriate LED Power Supplies that you should shop, making it the core element.

  1. Determine your total lighting length

Once you have determined the correct voltage required by your LED light, the second step is to calculate the total length of your light. To prevent any complications, keep all the procedures short and easy to have a hassle-free installation.

3. Find the Wattage of the Product

Again, with the case voltage, now ensure correct wattage for your LED product that allows for the smooth and proper functioning of your product. Typically, LED Module specs are written as per module, LED Strip Lighting is detailed as wattage per foot, rest of the other products are summarized per product. However, having the know-how of the amperage and voltage of the product, you can determine the wattage by simply multiplying the two.

 4. Do the math

After doing the above procedure, you have to use your simple mathematics capabilities, such as multiplication and addition, to acquire the correct transformer. At this point, you already know the length and quantity of products. To use the accurate power supply and not overdrive, you are supposed to multiply the above with the wattage specs and further add 10%- 15% over it. After acquiring the number, you are supposed to select a power supply below that figure. Hence a situation like underdriving a power supply is impossible.

  1. Installation:

After you have decided on the wattage that you will use to light the LED light, the next thing is to choose the style you wish to use. There are various types of power supplies that you can choose from. For example, wall plug style transformers come in both 12VDC and 24VDC—aimed for indoor use only. Another style is the hard wire style transformer which is ideal for using hard wiring. Some of this style is water-resistant. However, you have to choose according to your requirements and desires.

By following the above instruction, we hope you will be successful in efficiently powering the LED lights. Hopefully, this post has served the purpose of finding the correct LED power supply that matches your LED product. You can choose from a variety of options. Take your time and research to make the best purchase while keeping your safety the utmost priority.


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