MCAN Health Announces the Opening of Its London Office

MCAN Health, a pioneering medical travel company in Turkey providing affordable hair transplant, plastic surgery, weight loss, and dental treatments for international patients, is opening its first international office in London, in Liverpool Street.

Gulsultan Dogan, the founder of MCAN Health, proudly announces the opening of MCAN Health’s London office on June 1. “In line with its motto “beauty for everyone”, MCAN Health has been supporting thousands of international patients every year most of whom are travelling from the United Kingdom. An increasing number of patients required a presence in the United Kingdom. Therefore, MCAN Health London was founded in January 2020 and planned to be open in March 2020 but due to Covid-19, the opening had been postponed to June 2021. And here we are, very excited to be in London for further expansion in the United Kingdom. We also believe that our London presence will give peace of mind to our patients”, Dogan shares.

MCAN Health’s London office will be assisting patients in the United Kingdom who would like to have their treatments with MCAN Health in Turkey. Patients can now access information and ask their questions related to their treatments and travel plans in person and get support for their aftercare needs. MCAN Health London will also organize consultation days across the country to be able to reach patients living in other parts of the United Kingdom.

Ozlem Hangul, a graduate of the University of Essex who had worked as a Sales and Content Manager at MCAN Health previously, had been appointed as the Head of London office. “I am very excited about my new role and will do my best to support our patients from the UK in their medical travel journeys”, Hangul states and adds “we were planning a grand opening for our London office by getting together with previous, current, and prospect patients each of whom we see as a member of big MCAN family. Opening an office in London is worth a big celebration. We postpone the big party until Covid-19 free days. In the meantime, we will be welcoming each patient on appointment to support them in their transformation journeys”.

For more information about MCAN Health’s London office, you can visit, or call +447522776060, or visit us in SPACES LIVERPOOL STREET, 35New Broad Street, London.

MCAN Health is a medical travel company based in Istanbul – Turkey with a global presence in the United Kingdom and Spain. Since 2015, MCAN Health has been providing hair transplantation, plastic surgery, weight-loss surgeries, and dental treatment in Istanbul with its carefully selected and regularly evaluated contracted surgeons at internationally accredited hospitals. In November 2020, MCAN Health received a global healthcare accreditation by TEMOS International GmbH that is only given to companies with exceptional patient care and became the one and only medical travel company in Turkey having TEMOS GmbH accreditation.


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