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Brushd. Launches new oral care products, introducing an innovative and eco-friendly way to achieve oral hygiene whilst caring for the planet!

Brushd. My Health. My Planet

With the majority of toothbrushes made from plastic and dental floss coated in it, we are forever adding to the littering of our cities, oceans and waterways and contributing to health problems in humans and animals. This is where Brushd. products come in to save the day!

We have been working with a team of scientists and dentists to formulate a range of products that promote good oral care whilst also reducing our plastic pollution at the same time.

Brushd. Toothpaste Tablets are an alternative to the toothpaste we are all used to. They have been specially formulated to make sure that no compromise is made to your oral health. Just Bite. Chew. Brush. They will leave your teeth feeling clean and minty fresh.

Our Toothpaste Tablets and Mouthwash tablets are also great to travel with without carrying a whole toothpaste tube or jar of liquid mouthwash. We pack out tablets in glass jars – an easy way to help reduce our plastic footprint, with refill pouches also available allowing for the upcycling of the glass jars.

No Paste. No Waste

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Bite. Chew. Brush

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Brushd. Is an eco-friendly dental care brand offering a complete range of products that decreases our plastic pollution without compromising on your oral health.

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