Launching BEE Insights – Helping Project Teams Understand The People Impacted By Their Project Better.

Launching BEE Insights – Helping Project Teams Understand The People Impacted By Their Project Better.

BEE Insights, a pioneering application for business change and project management practitioners, launches today. It provides all those involved in leading a change with a set of expertly formulated assessments that ask the questions, so you do not have to, then provides the data analytics you need to apply a successful change adoption.
BEE Insights has been designed to work effortlessly with Simplify Changes’ BEE Methodology© (hence the name), which Builds, Excites, and Equips people during a change.  Acting as a straightforward guide to upskill anyone in a project to understand what is required to support the People on a change journey.  You can use this tool as part of any project change methodology that you are following.
It has been built so project team members can simplify collating People information they need to successfully run a project.
Simply send it out to your People and wait for the results to flood in. Giving project teams insight into what are the next steps they need to complete to ensure their project is positively adopted with the People, thus meeting its return on investment.
BEE Insights provides everything Project teams need to analyse and prepare for change.

Benefits include:

  • Receive accurate assessments from People to understand where they are on their Change journey and demonstrate return by using the ABC scoring system.
  • Accurately identify Change Champions using the Social Network Assessment.
  • Assist Project Managers and Teams to apply the BEE Methodology© without using Business Change Managers.
  • Assessments that do all the work for you. Send them out to key stakeholders and capture the data for information, which is then summarised using custom algorithms.

Managing Director, Nicola Graham, of Simplify Change commented:

“Having spent decades engaging with People to facilitate business change I grew frustrated with all the manual processes and repetitive tasks I had to perform to get the data and results needed to drive change.

BEE Insights is our solution to remove the hassle of collating this data about companies, projects and people into useful, actionable information which can be used to drive ROI (return on investment) and successful project delivery.”


BEE INSIGHTS is part of BEE: Adopt, a set of products aimed at facilitating business change in corporate environments. Built on the BEE Methodology©, it incorporates decades of knowledge of business change and project management to aid project teams who are tasked with delivering projects or products. 

Simplify Change – Established in 2019 and based in Central London, England, Simplify Change is a business change management consultancy who are specialists in business change and project management. Helping companies and their people adopt change successfully, using the BEE Methodology© by providing consultancy services and products that are focused on enabling companies to foster change adoption at scale. Investors, resellers, and prospective enterprises can find additional information about Simplify Change at

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