ethy – sustainable shopping made easy

What is ethy?
ethy is a free app that helps you shop with sustainable businesses keeping you updated on the environmental and social impact of your shopping. Founded on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ethy enables you to make a positive impact when you shop whilst amplifying the voices of sustainable businesses in the UK.ethy vets and accredits businesses as sustainable, allowing you to engage with trustworthy shops that align with your values and gain support along your sustainability journey. ethy’s accreditation framework helps mitigate greenwashing and allows you to connect with genuinely ethical and sustainable companies that care about people & planet.

What can you do with ethy?

  • Find products that are better for you, your family and the planet. Explore thousands of vetted & ethy accredited online businesses in the UK all through one convenient app.
  • Find sustainable businesses near you on ethy’s map. From sustainable fabric fashion outlets to vegan restaurants, Fairtrade coffee shops, charities and health food shops.
  • Step into the ethy-cal era of shopping! Connect your account via Open Banking technology and find out how sustainable your own shopping is

Who we are
The ethy team was brought together during a global pandemic with the goal of helping to build a greener and cleaner future. We’re a mixed-gender founding team from a range of backgrounds and countries, but united by our passion for sustainability and the environment. Using our platform we hope to encourage a more considerate approach to consumerism and leave the world in a better state than it is now.Highlights (so far)

  • Launched to app stores in March 2021
  • 2000+ downloads received
  • 70,000+ app screen views
  • 3,000+ accredited sustainable shops
  • 5-star app rating and brilliant user feedback!

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