SIP Management “IP & NFTs” Pilot Project

It all started as an idea; a simple idea to help creative and innovative businesses fund their growth by leveraging their intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets.

IP has become the most valuable asset class on the planet, impulsed by a transition to a knowledge based economy and digitalisation. Despite that fact; many individuals and businesses still struggle to understand its importance and to take the necessary steps to protect what is often their most valuable asset, their IP.

Hence the team at SIP Management created a platform and community, to make efficient and affordable IP management accessible to all.

Early on their journey, a clear emphasis was put onto the potential of blockchain technology and a marketplace model to enable a more efficient and cost effective IP lifecycle management.

Today with the popularity of NFTs ( non fungible tokens )  SIP Management set out to showcase to the world what is possible through a new pilot project with their partners and community members.

The goal of this project is to help promote creativity and to celebrate the UN International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. With that purpose in mind SIP Management partnered with a selected list of artists from countries around the world to launch an exclusive pilot project ” IP & NFTs”.
About the project

The creation of unique NFTs that are exclusive to each artist and a collection of copyrighted merchandise to showcase the diverse revenue streams possible through a well planned IP strategy.

Introducing Leslie Lumeh, Liberia’s most celebrated and globally renowned artist.

Leslie is a cartoonist, illustrator and painter born and raised in Monrovia , Liberia. His first exhibition “Through Your Eyes” in 1993 marked the first milestone of his internationally acclaimed career that followed with his work being exhibited in famous fairs and galleries around the world; notably in Washington DC, Paris, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Mali and his homeland of Liberia.

Through his work Leslie has collaborated with organisations such as UN, ActionAid, UNICEF, The Federal Criminal Court of Bellinzona in Switzerland, The US embassy in Monrovia and many other national and regional agencies.

Art, unlike any other line of work, has its roots deep in nature. What we paint, or write or sing, is actually a reflection of ourselves that captivates the viewer, penetrates deep into the imagination, and whispers so softly, and yet so meaningfully, into the soul”. — LESLIE LUMEH, ART

Talking about his style, Lumeh has stated that he takes his inspiration to paint from scenes in the daily lives of Liberians from all walks of life. His unique creation of suggestive imagery is neither exact or precise yet provides all necessary elements for the viewer to know exactly what is presented. This approach has been described by critics as somewhat romantic, for what appears to be a simple mode of execution, on closer examination, reveals an intricate mastery of colour and design, coupled with subtlety and dexterity in his brush and palette knife technique

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