5 Must-Have Safety Gears for Motorcycle Riders in Singapore

Riding a motorcycle is bound to give you all the fun and rewards you can expect. And if you are a first-time biker or have been riding for years, you will agree that there are different reasons people bike.

Your reason could be that you have a deep passion for visiting every part of the world on your bike. Another could love biking for the freedom it offers. Others like to ride for the speed and the thrill they get when on their bike. And for some, it’s the friendship, stress buster, and mental health improvement biking gives them.

Whatever your reason for biking, especially in Singapore, you will agree that being safety conscious is no bargain. It has been said that with freedom comes the absolute necessity to be safety conscious. This is why we will be discussing in this piece 5 must-have safety gears for motorcycle riders.

So, what are the gears? Let’s find out!

1.  Helmet

Like in many parts of the world, cyclists and riders must wear a helmet when riding on the roads. That is the importance of this gear. When in an accident, the right helmet prevents head injuries and deaths.

Unfortunately, the market is filled with all kinds of products, so it can get challenging to choose the right helmet. However, a helmet that will serve the purpose must have a dense, polystyrene foam inner lining that serves as a protection in case of an impact.

A good helmet should also have good quality straps that fit comfortably and securely on your face. You should, however, note that motorcycle helmets now come in various styles. They can be full face, half shell, dual-sport, open face, or modular.

Whatever style you choose, what is important is that your face, mouth, and eyes are properly covered and do the job without any issue.

Like any other product you will find in the market, the prices of helmets vary. However, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that expensive helmets are safer than the more affordable ones. Of course, more expensive helmets may generally have higher safety ratings. Still, it is quite possible to find affordable models that have the proper safety credentials.

Most times, what you will find out with more expensive motorcycle helmets is that you are only paying extra for the aesthetic, fashion, and other additional extras and not improved safety. Hence, you don’t have to break the bank to get a safe helmet. You only have to be sure it meets the safety standards and fits your head properly.

2.  Jacket

A motorcycle jacket is the second must-have gear for a motorcycle rider. It serves a vital function of protecting the limbs, back, organs, and every other important part of the body in the event of a crash. Or at least you would expect a good jacket to do that, which is why it is important to purchase one that is specifically designed for riding.

Generally, you will find motorcycle jackets in two categories – leather and textile. The latter is usually cheaper than the former while still being water-resistant and abrasive. On the other hand, the leather jacket has a more classic biker look and lasts longer than textile jackets. You get more value for your money and also have a closer fit.

Whichever material you settle for, one of the important things to note is to select fluorescent brightly colored material to improve visibility on the road. You would agree at this juncture that regular jackets are a no-go area as they do not provide the needed protection while riding.

A motorcycle jacket protects you against abrasion and serves as a shield to protect vulnerable portions in a crash and provide the needed wind resistance while biking. Another thing you should consider before buying a jacket is the weather you would be riding in. purchase one that keeps you comfortable without restricting movement.

3.  Gloves

High-quality gloves do wonders, and they are a very important piece of safety gear for a motorcycle rider. In the event of a crash, your hands will most likely reach the ground first to help break your fall; your gloves should be there to reduce the impact on your hands.

Gloves made from abrasion-resistant materials like Kevlar or leather are a must-have gear for a rider. When in a crash, there is a high chance that the meaty part of your palm will hit the ground first, and you will rely on such a glove to keep your hands in shape.

A pair of gloves that will do the right job should completely cover your fingers, wrists, palms, and even the backs of your hands. It is also advisable to have plenty of overlaps between the gloves and the sleeves of your jacket. This will ensure that no skin is left exposed.

You would also want to ensure that the motorcycle gloves are always firm on your hand. So, make sure the one you purchase has a good retention strap around the wrist. A good glove will also have protective armor on the knuckles and palm.

Your gloves should not restrict dexterity or blood flow. It should also not be so tight that you can’t safely operate the motorcycle. So, it is advisable to try the gloves on before buying them. A good motorcycle glove that restricts movement is as bad as one without the necessary covering.

4.  Riding pants

Specialist riding pants are a must-have safety gear. In the event of an accident or crash, they protect your legs. Just as we discussed in jackets, riding pants can come in either leather or textile. So, whichever material you select based on your personal preference will serve the purpose.

When purchasing a pair of riding pants, lookout for protective armor in the following areas: the hips, shins, and knees. These areas are susceptible to injury in an accident and getting extra protection in those areas is a must.

The pants you purchase also shouldn’t restrict movement in your legs. To be sure, try the pants on in a standing position and ensure you have a full range of motion. That way, you will be sure not to encounter any difficulty when riding. A certified abrasion rating will also be present on the best riding pants – so look out for that as well.

Some riding pants may not provide the needed protection in wet conditions due to the change in friction. Hence, ensure the pants you purchase can serve you in both dry and wet riding conditions. And as you would expect of popular products in the markets, some manufacturers now produce jeans pants with Kevlar panels in important areas like the knees.

Sadly, this doesn’t provide the needed protection and is nowhere near the protection that custom designed textile or leather riding pants offer. Please be sure to get riding pants that do the job well.

5.  Boots

A high-quality pair of boots is the fifth safety gear every rider must have. As you would expect from a gear of this importance, most motorcycle boots weigh more than 3lbs, and for good reasons. A sturdy and specialized pair of motorcycle boots serves two purposes.

Firstly, in the case where a motorcycle falls on you, your boots will protect your feet and ankles. The second purpose is the necessary weight it provides to balance on unpredictable, uneven, and even slippery surfaces.

Therefore, it is only wise to get boots with non-slip and oil-resistant soles. Get boots that will protect your feet and ankles in a crash. To see if the boot will serve the purpose, twist the heel, and toe portions of the boot. If it seems like your ankles or feet may get injured in a crash, the boot probably won’t be of help.


Safety gears when riding, are necessary equipment, even if you have been riding for many years. In this piece, we have looked at five of those and how you can decide the best considering the confusion in the market today.

A pair of gloves, boots, pants, jacket, and helmet are all must-have safety gears. However, you must ensure that the ones you purchase are specifically made for riding. That way, you are always protected in the event of a crash or accident. Most importantly, make sure to have the best motorcycle insurance that will protect you adequately from any possible financial loss that may arise out of any unfortunate accident.

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