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While crypto trading is becoming one of the most profitable ways of investing, it is especially important to find a credible instrument for asset-management such as 7b.

7b is your personal cryptocurrency broker. This is the easiest user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange that is contained in a single application. The app was developed by the team with ten years-long experience in the crypto industry. Using our app, you can trade with more than 2,000 currency pairs with high liquidity for all of them! This makes us and you the owners of the most diverse range of choices.

Who is a broker?

A broker is a kind of support and backbone from whom you get all the necessary information and who helps you to perform deals. We are a third party, your guide, and assistant in the world of cryptocurrency, trading, and investing in your wealth. Simply put, we’ll relieve you of the headache of trading, we will cover the entire range of internal functional activities, all you need to do is make a choice.

Our Features

Therefore, how are we different from other similar apps? Why would you choose us over the plethora of offerings? We follow three main goals:


Unlike some overly complicated exchanges or those that make it hard to find the necessary information, 7b has an absolutely clear and accessible interface, you don’t need to memorize schemes of actions and bother yourself. The user-friendly environment will tell you on an intuitive level ” where” to click. You get only the trading tools you need and the information you need right here right now. And of course, don’t forget about the 24/7 professional support from our almighty team, which is ready to help you with anything.


We have a transparent policy regarding commissions. You will see the amount of commission from your first step in our app.


The safety of our customers is the most important aspect of successful performance.

We’ve implemented high-security protocols, all transactions pass automatic security checkouts using multiple methods. All data is double encrypted. All checkouts and data decryption is lightning-fast, so you’ll never notice delays while using the app.

The 7b app doesn’t have access to the private keys.

All withdrawals require email confirmation. Therefore, your funds are safe when you trade with 7b.

7b blog

In 7b we believe that education is an essential part of successful trading and that is why we’ve created our blog, where we discuss the latest cryptocurrency market trends, explain crypto terminology, and describe tokens and coins available for trade in 7b.

One of our latest articles is dedicated to Digibyte (DGB). In it we explain the core idea of the coin, explain why you should trade digibyte and give a brief analytical review. If you want to learn how to trade digibyte in a 7b crypto broker app – check it out.

Try 7b Crypto App!

When you are ready to use our crypto trading app, just download 7b to your smartphone. Use it to view prices on the minimalistic design. Then, buy and sell crypto with ease. The order forms are simple yet complete, with your choice of crypto and the ability to input amounts. You, our customers, are very important to us and we do everything, even beyond our abilities, to make you most comfortable and safe to use 7b for your cherished purposes!

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