The Rupert Oliver Leaf Chair—Neighbour’s Envy But Owner’s Pride

The Rupert Oliver Leaf Chair—Neighbour’s Envy But Owner’s Pride

It takes a genius to create a classic. The leaf chair might not be Rupert Oliver’s best creation but it is definitely one of his best. One of the earliest designs he created, the leaf chair is the epitome of perfection and sophistication. Every curve, every bend, every stitch and every eyelet has been lovingly created to reflect the creative ingenuity of Rupert Oliver.

The Rupert Oliver leaf chair stands tall among his other creations. Its frames are made to order while the canvas is handcrafted. Every strand shows the love with which it has been incorporated within the design. Designed on the simple yet elegant lines of nature, placing it in a room imparts a demurely dramatic look to it.

The unparalleled beauty of the leaf chair helps draw eyes involuntarily. Even without being aware, you will gravitate towards it. Such is the power of the beauty of the leaf chair!

Featuring in popular magazines and exhibitions, this chair does not need any introduction anywhere. Its fame and popularity precede its physical presence.

Have you ever wondered what makes this chair so unique?

This question does not have a single answer. The chair is the cumulative result of many qualities that fuse together to prepare a product that is brilliant and exotic. Elegance, beauty, charm coupled with a futuristic design help elevate this from being a simple chair you purchase to becoming one of your most prized possessions.

Timelessness of style

The garden chair design is inspired by nature. The shape of the chair is based on the shape of the leaf. It is so contoured that it fits in with every body shape. It envelops you in a cocoon of warmth and security thereby making it difficult to leave the chair.

Rupert Oliver wanted his chairs to be ageless. Hence, he intelligently created a style that is modern yet has a hint of old-world charm. While the design is sleek, minimalistic and modern, the use of the 24-plait braid, the eyelets etc., give it a rustic yet traditional look.

The advantage of this unique creation is that you can place it anywhere within or outside the house. Irrespective of where you place it, it will immediately start owning the place. It is dramatic when placed inside but when placed outside it truly becomes one with nature.

Raw material quality

A good design requires good quality raw materials to transcribe the beauty of the design onto the finished product. The Rupert Oliver leaf chair makes no compromise with the raw materials used in its manufacture. Coating the frames with thermoplastic powder makes them water and impact-resistant thereby increasing their longevity. These frames are all made in North Wales. They are made to order with the best quality steel available.

If you want to further its durability and style quotient, you can also opt for saddle quality cowhides to design the chair covers. The use of saddle-grade leather of the highest quality further enhances the longevity of the chairs. You can be rest assured that the leather used is eco-friendly, tanned using vegetable dyes in the traditional method so that your chosen colour stays fast. Being eco-friendly means that it is safe for use even if you have kids at home.

Crafted by hand in the North-Western part of England, the canvas design is customised based on your choice of colour and trims. Experienced sail-makers then incorporate your specifications and ensure the finished product is of the highest quality. You can keep these chairs indoors and outdoors based on your requirements. The quality finish provides it with the required strength to withstand the harshest of winters and the hottest of summers without even the slightest fading visible.

The marine acrylic canvas of premium quality, the marine-grade eyelets and the 24-plait braid made of nautical polyester all contribute to making this chair look as good as new for years to come. Similarly, the thermoplastic powder, a polyethylene copolymer, when used to coat the steel frame makes the Rupert Oliver leaf chair UT stable.

This chair is a unique combination of aesthetics and utility. It is timeless in its design, it transcends generations and periods in its styles and it uses materials that are crafted with love to impart the chair its beauty, grace and elegance.

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