Buddy Punch Login Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Tracktime24

Every company wants to ensure that they waste the minimum amount of time in anything other than productive work. This is where not using smart systems to prevent things like buddy punch login can cost you.

The modern-day corporate environment is subject to all kinds of scrutiny. While many argue for the employees, employers don’t have it so easy either. This is especially true if you’re a manager who’s taking charge of a team in a company you don’t own.

The risk is then divided into all the members of the team. This is when any damage done by any member is equivalent to the total damage suffered by all the members of the organization.

However, this isn’t limited to just physical, informational or financial damage, per se. One of the things that companies suffer the most damages from is time.

There are a lot of things that come together in shaping the total productivity achieved by a company’s employees. While it’s true that a company shouldn’t consider the worst and strictest options as soon as possible, it’s also true that many companies suffer grave losses due to hours that are unaccounted for.

The problem with cooperative fraudulent acts committed by employees of a company is that the actual damages suffered are not by the members committing the act but by the whole company.

This is because when employees aren’t logging the correct number of hours they’ve worked, they’re providing false data for almost all the departments that are in charge of providing statistical progress reports to shareholders, CEOs, etc.

This doesn’t just mean that the employer is paying someone for doing more than they actually did. It also means that the employer is wasting the company’s resources, which is an added expense on top of the unproductive working hours logged in by the fraudulent employee.

How to Save Precious Time?

You need security and performance assurance monitoring systems if not a healthy hierarchy that justifies itself. It’s imperative for any stable company to have a functioning hierarchy that can be depended upon to operate in its full capacity.

The goal isn’t to produce work-efficient labor that doesn’t require any monitoring, rather, it’s to ensure that all the data received by the organization’s heads concerning its operations is valid and reliable. To make things simple, let’s just say that analysts can’t provide you with the correct predictions and projected forecasts if the data they’re working with consists of false and wrong entries.

We can clearly see why a company would suffer long-term consequences if this isn’t avoided. So, let’s take a look at the ways you can prevent your company’s resources from being wasted:

Security & Accountability Measures

One of the ways to go about it is to ensure that your management departments are adopting the latest security and accountability measures. For example, if there are instances of buddy punching login routines noticed in the office, it’s of paramount importance that you instantly bring in smart devices that use biometric or facial recognition systems.

The point of using biometrics or facial recognition is to prevent unauthorized people from accessing or editing logs of the organization.

With an easy setup process, modern-day equipment allows you to plug in your login devices without inconvenience. All you will have to do is make sure that the system is implemented and enforced by the authority figures, such as the office managers or department heads.

Smart Staff Scheduling:

Smart staff-scheduling services provide you with the opportunity to design a week’s worth of plans ahead of time. With a system that’s easy to manage and allows you to assign and keep logs of completed, in process or to-be-done tasks, you can make sure that your team knows what they’re supposed to do, regardless of whether their seniors or line managers are present in the vicinity.

Since the latest tech in the industry has been innovated to fit remote working protocols, it’s remarkable how conveniently apps like tracktime24 allow you to carry out all your operations remotely while keeping tabs on everyone. Managers have found this to be extremely helpful to keep an accurate log of working hours.

This is particularly helpful for marketing agencies who have to report the number of working hours to their clients. Teams of freelancers who are paid per hour often prefer to have staff-scheduling options to ensure that they aren’t wasting time on anything other than the strategy they’ve devised.

Attendance Management

Another advantage of using modern smart scheduler systems is that you are better able to manage employee attendance. These service providers also give you the opportunity to log your team’s absences while also allowing you to input future entries. This gives employers and managers the chance to neatly schedule their teams’ off-days, vacations, holidays, etc.

Attendance managers can also have protocols to follow when dealing with tardy employees that want an extra-grace period. You can have the software mark everyone who comes more than 10 minutes late as tardy and after a specific number of repeated instances, they can be fined for their status. While this isn’t a new idea, many companies have reported facing a lot of problems in ensuring the reliability of this system.

The problem with the scenarios presented by these companies, however, only included manual attendance and login systems that are very unreliable.

With manual systems, it’s possible for buddies to punch in entries for their friends. However, when the whole office knows they can’t rely on their friends to cheat a biometric scanner for them, they’ll know they can’t talk their way out of it with anyone.

The point of using an attendance management system that comes with your staff scheduler is that you won’t have to manually input absences on the scheduler every time an employee doesn’t show up. Moreover, by allotting specific sick leaves, you can even provide your employees with the convenience of knowing how many vacation days they have left for the remainder of the year.