How Long Does CBD Oil Stay In Your System?

How long does CBD stay in the system? To answer this question, some physicians will tell you that it depends on your system and the type of CBD product you take, while others will give you a range of numbers like three to five days.

The truth is, there is no definite number of how long CBD oil stays in your system, but there are factors that determine the duration. This guide explores all the factors that affect the time CBD oil remains effective in the body. But first, let’s find out what CBD is.

A Brief Overview of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a byproduct of hemp and cannabis, a plant that marijuana also comes from. However, CBD is different from marijuana because it does not contain the psychoactive substance, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), making people high.

Although doctors and researchers claim that CBD is free from THC, some studies still suggest that some CBD products might have THC traces. For this reason, it’s essential to obtain high-quality CBD oil with no THC traces, such as Zen Bliss CBD products.

Many people use CBD as a supplement and others as medicine. You can take these products in the form of gummies, dried fruits, and edibles like oils.  These oils manage stress, anxiety and give better sleep. They also cure chronic pain and reduce acne.

What is the Correct Dose of CBD?
CBD oil works for people differently. For example, to some individuals, 100mg of CBD oil can relieve chronic pain, while others need to take 200mg or 300mg of CBD oil to feel the effect. So it’s a matter of trial and error to find a dose that works best for you.

Due to this reason, researchers concluded that this substance works differently on different people, so they cannot generalize the dose you should take. However, the factors determining how long CBD oil stays in your body are universal.

Factors Determining the Duration CBD Stays in Your System

Let’s look at the factors that can influence the time CBD can stay in your system, now that you understand what CBD oil is and how it works.

Here are a few factors to consider.

CBD Dosage

The amount of CBD you take will determine how long it stays in your body. If you take a large amount of the product, it is likely to remain in your body for more days than a person who takes a small amount.

Frequency of Consumption

The frequency of CBD use also affects how much time your body will take to retain the CBD. For example, if you use CBD oil every day, it could take you more than a week to feel the effects in your body. This is because the more you take the oil daily, the more it piles up in your system and the more time it takes to clear up.

CBD Metabolism

If you have a faster metabolism, it means that CBD in your body will get metabolized and excreted faster. The product could take two or three days maximum to clear from your system.

However, that is different for people with a slow metabolism. There is a slow chemical breakdown of products in their system, meaning that CBD will take longer to get out of your body.

Consumption Method

CBD oil exists in different forms. First, you can take them as pills, edibles, or dried flowers. When you take CBD as pills and edibles, they go to the stomach and are digested, then absorbed into the bloodstream.

You can also take CBD oil in forms that are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. For example, CBD pills that you put under your tongue will get absorbed directly into the bloodstream and the brain. That way, you can feel its effect almost immediately.

The faster you feel the effects of the substance, the lesser time they will stay in your system, and the faster the CBD will get exhausted.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

Just because you are not feeling the effects of CBD in your body doesn’t mean that it is no longer in your system. It is possible to feel the effects of CBD even 18 hours after taking it. Also, a lab test taken two days after taking CBD could still turn positive.

Most labs test for THC and not CBD. You could pass a THC test even with some traces of it in your body because the THC level is below the test’s cut-off line, but not because you don’t have the substance in your system.

How Long After I Take CBD Will the Effects Kick?

The time it will take for consumers to feel the CBD effects varies from one person to another. Notably, it depends on several factors, such as the oil’s consumption method and CBD concentration.

For example, if you take CBD oil as an edible, its digestion will take longer. So, CBD  will get absorbed into the bloodstream after around 2 hours. As a result, it could take you 2-3 hours to feel the effects of CBD in your body.

However, this also depends on how fast digestion takes place in your body. If you have a slower metabolism, it will take more hours for you to feel the effect.

Other types of CBD applications allow it to get absorbed into the bloodstream directly. An excellent example is sublingual consumption. If you put CBD pills under your tongue, you could feel the effects within minutes.

The substance will be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and the brain. You will feel the effects for about 2-6 hours, depending on how much of the product you took.

How Do I Know The Dose I Should Take?

Since our bodies are different, there cannot be a specific dose of CBD for all people. So, your doctor will give the best prescription for CBD oil.

For some, a certain amount of CBD will not work with their symptoms, while for others, they need to take a tiny amount, and they are good to go.

Final Words

CBD oil reacts differently in people. For some, 50mg of CBD is enough to treat chronic pain, while others need 250mg to feel the effect. To find more answers to the question, “how long does CBD stay in your system,” consider talking to a CBD specialist.