11 Basics Every Man Should Have in His Closet

Dressing smart is very easy. Yes, we have dedicated this article to help you find out your favorite outfit that suits you well. It is not a big task. The only key is to keep some of the basic items in your closet to pick them up when you are in hurry and want to look good. Capsule wardrobe idea has become outdated from some time, but it is one of the appealing concepts of all. One thing that bothers every man is the question every day either going to the school or at work.

Wardrobes requires time, effort and money for their management.  No one can imagine to fill up his wardrobe with all classical vlone clothing items and accessories overnight. So, alternatively, we have suggested below some basic items every man needs to have in his wardrobe.


  1. Pair of jeans

The first essential item for every male wardrobe is to have a pair of basic denim jeans. These are the best items for your casual closet. By the word ‘Basic’ we mean ‘simple’. The denim should be natural and dusky indigo color. Denims in blue colors are not only classic, but they can be wearing casually and always looks beautiful.

  1. Boots

Your dressing is incomplete with an attractive pair of a footwear. One thing that makes your outfit looks outstanding is just adding a nice pair of boots. You can have a simple pair of boots in your wardrobe that suits best with raw and rugged jeans.

  1. Overcoat

Some people think that overcoats are just winter wear, but its not like that. You can wear it casually because it is considered as a street fashion essential during every fall. Try to wear the one that is tailored but it should not be very slim tailored. Knitwear is the best option for weekends or going to a club. Colors like solid black can be wear at formal events.

  1. Base layer

Base layers such as slim, abridged cuts and boxer shorts are the base for every dress. You can buy them in volumes.

  1. Sweat shirt

Sweatshirts are also casual essential wear for every man. They can be worn while going at the gym or a walk.

  1. Chinos

Before the time chinos was known to be as dad wear, but today they are the trendiest type of wear considered. You can roll the cuffs up of a traditional chino and combine it up with a pair of traditional tennis footwear, or you can wear it with leather sandals and you are ready to go.

  1. Hoodie

Since the origin of hoodie in 1930s by Champion, it has become an essential item of every wardrobe from labors working in New York warehouse to every common man and a super star. Vlone Hoodie has become common clothing item for streetwear or sportswear.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only the accessory of summer days just like SPF creams and sun blocks. But they are important to be wear in months from August to April, when the sun is low, this the important time when you need more protection of your eyes from sunshine making you look squint.

  1. Polo shirts

Knitted polo shirts are the best choice for summer evenings. This glamorous item can be wearing with chino pant or shorts. For footwear you can choose loafers to maximize your look.

  • Blazers

Blazers provide comfort just like cardigans and an elegant and a classic look just like jackets do. Blazers are essential item for especially business mans. It gives a highly elegant and formal look when going to a business meeting or clients meetups.

  • Chino shorts

Whether you are going for barbecue parties or at club with friends, you can wear short length shorts or others you like the most. But the truth is that, nothing is more versatile and comfier than a chino. But avoid to wear neutral shades of chino like beige.

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