Everything which you need to know about the e-learning authoring tools

E-learning is considered to be the best possible aspect of employee training across the globe and the best benefit is that it is very much capable of increasing the knowledge retention rates among the employees by approximately more than 60%. E-learning authoring tools are considered to be the best possible ways of ensuring that organisations will be able to produce an improved way of content that will allow the organisations to learn very productively in this particular type of tool will also allow the companies to create digital training content very easily and convert it into the e-learning format with the utilisation of LMS. The right set of tools will always make sure that organisations will be able to create engaging and interactive online courses so that learning processes can be given a great boost.

How to make the perfect decision of choosing the e-learning authoring tools?

Following are the very basic points which the people need to take into consideration at the time of choosing the right kind of e-learning authoring tool:

  1. It should be very much simple in terms of usage and should be very much capable of producing the content without any kind of help from the house of tech-savvy developers
  2. This particular tool should come with a good amount of customisation features so that people can update their existing courses with a few clicks and without any kind of hassle throughout the process.
  3. It should come with a good amount of collaboration tools throughout the process so that working together can be undertaken and team members are perfectly located into different kinds of geographies who can be collaborated all the time.
  4. It should have the language option in terms of converting the content into multiple languages so that there is no difference of culture or language barrier in the whole process.
  5. It should come with an inbuilt measuring and analytics feature that will allow people to view the reports, analyse the data and improve their existing content very easily.

The e-learning authoring tools can be broadly categorised into three main categories which are explained as:

  • PowerPoint-based authoring tool:This will always provide the people with an opportunity of working as the ad into the PowerPoint and will allow the people to quickly turn the existing PowerPoint presentations into E-courses. This particular tool does not have any kind of learning curve which makes it a very good choice for people in terms of rapid authoring.
  • Standalone authoring tool: The standalone offering to do specifically designed for the e-learning development tools but will take a lot of time for the people to master. The learning of these particular tools is very much hurry and also helps in making sure that people will be able to take the preliminary training very easily with the help of standalone authoring tools.
  • The cloud-based authoring tool: This particular type of tool will always allow the people to inherently create the web styled content and will also help in providing the people with a good amount of flexibility throughout the workstation for course authoring systems.

One of the most interactive workstations and e-learning authoring tools comes from the house of Whatfix and the benefits provided by it have been explained as follows:

  1. Whatfix is the most interactive digital adoption platform that will allow people to drive the user adoption of any kind of application which they are already using.
  2. This particular application will help in providing the people with application training as well as guidance so that employees can go live without any kind of hassle.
  3. It is not a fully functional learning management system but will always help in making sure that e-learning becomes much more interactive and further make sure that people will be able to have real-time access to the successful completion of tasks.
  4. This particular concept is extremely useful and helps in providing the people with the opportunity to streamline feeding and as soon as it will be launched the employee will sign into the application and will be undertaking the most relevant tasks very easily.

Hence, being clear about the e-learning authoring tools is vital on the behalf of companies nowadays so that they can create the best learning modules and organise the content accordingly so that they can monitor the progress side-by-side very easily.

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