Saturday, July 31st is National Orgasm Day, a day that celebrates sexual climax and raises awareness for issues surrounding it.


For Ky Hoyle, founder of Sh!, the UK’s first sex shop devoted exclusively to female pleasure, that means teaching women how to orgasm.


‘‘There is much to celebrate for women’ says Hoyle  ‘Discussions of female desire and sexuality are more open than ever before, and research into female anatomy has led to a greater understanding of the female orgasm. Despite this, the orgasm gap is real and many women struggle to orgasm reliably (or at all) and that’s why we created our ‘Becoming Orgasmic’ course”


Studies say around 70 percent of women report being multi-orgasmic with the right stimulation, and those who have found what works for them routinely experience four or five orgasms in one session.

That women need vaginal penetration to orgasm is still a persistent myth even in 2021. In fact, only around 20% of women are able to orgasm through penetration alone, as opposed to 95 percent of men.


The orgasm gap is more than the difference in how women and men reach orgasm. A shocking 10 to 15 percent of women have never experienced orgasm at all, while up to half are not satisfied with how often they reach it.


The fact is that for the majority of women, orgasms don’t come easily. But they often feel alone and ‘the only one’, according to Hoyle. ‘All many women need to go from pre-orgasmic to orgasmic, or even multi-orgasmic, is honest advice, trustworthy education, and lots of at-home practice!’


Becoming Orgasmic, hosted on Sh!’s educational sister site Shushlife, is a course of 7 practical sessions, covering anatomy, body confidence, fantasy, arousal, clitoral pleasure, internal hotspots, and blended orgasms.


For many, it’s proved transformative with one student feeding-back “Taking this course has been life-changing for my relationship” and another saying “Finally I feel empowered to enjoy self-pleasure”



The UK’s first-ever women-friendly sex shop, for almost 30 years, Sh! has been championing female-bodied pleasure, and helping women and vulva-owners (along with those that love them) discover their true sexual selves, whatever their age, health, relationship, or orgasmic status. Sh! is a safe haven, inclusive of all sexualities, where you can explore your own unique relationship to sex and pleasure; pressure-free, hype-free and stereotype-free.


NOTE TO PARTNERS: Shushlife courses cost £35 and we have an affiliate program for partners to earn 15% commission by signing up here;

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