Unique hybrid piano takes inspiration from nature

Le Silex, the latest creation from Goldfinch by Edelweiss showcases not just technical capabilities of Edelweiss Pianos but also the design and innovation in engineering by their dedicated in-house team.

Mark Norman, Design Director for Edelweiss, is known for creating show stopping acoustic piano designs that defy not just the appearance of the traditional piano but rival the greatest piano makers on sound and functionality.


Edelweiss hand build their acoustic, self-play pianos in a Cambridgeshire workshop, making them one of the only remaining piano makers in the UK. As well as making the worlds smallest grand piano the team take special commissions from around the globe one of which is Le Silex.


‘The design of Le Silex came about whilst on a countryside hike’ explains Mark Norman, the creative brains behind Goldfinch. ‘I stumbled over a piece of flint and marvelled at how one side was exposed and exceptionally shiny while the surrounding exterior was rough and grey. It looked beautiful and I considered if this could be translated into a piano sculpture’.


The design itself sat nestled in the exclusive Goldfinch design vault until a suitable setting arose. 


‘The clients home overlooked the most amazing and rugged landscape. The first thing I thought of was the Silex concept.’


The vision for the piano was supported by Gareth Knowles, a sculptor who worked with the team to achieve the overall shape and form of the piano. 


The project did not come without its technical hurdles. The client requested a hybrid system, mixing both the acoustic piano, self-play and electronic keyboard. All seamlessly hidden in the sculpture itself.


It also defies gravity with the absence of a prop stick making the lid soft closing and adaptable. A bespoke design was engineered for the hinges, holding the lid in place. The intricate design detail and specialist finish meant the Silex took more than a year to complete and over 5,000 hours!


Goldfinch pianos are a rarity, with only a limited amount design and produced each year. The bespoke designs are usually created in specialist finishes and materials including marble and liquid metal.


Edelweiss Pianos Collection Range offer creative design possibilities at affordable prices for the modern home. The range include a grad piano, upright and worlds smallest baby grand designed to fit in smaller spaces. In addition, the team have also engineered a specialist yacht specification piano suitable for all climates.


For more information on our range and the design capabilities in our studio visit our website at edelweisspianos.com.

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