Payroll Software Specialist Intelligo Shortlisted for Two Prestigious UK Business Awards

Ireland-headquartered Intelligo, the company behind the multi-award winning payroll solution MegaPay, has been shortlisted for two prestigious UK business awards in recognition of its growing reputation in the United Kingdom.
The payroll software specialists, whose solutions already deliver the payrolls of almost 20% of corporate Ireland, are finalists in two categories at the Growing Business Awards: Customer Experience and Loyalty, and Employer of the Year. Meanwhile, the payroll software specialist has also been shortlisted as finalists in three categories at the UK Customer Experience Awards (UKCXA® 2021): Employee Experience in the Crisis, Customer Experience in the Crisis, and B2B Customer Experience.
Commenting on the news of the firm’s shortlisting at both awards, Padraig Gill, Co-Founder and Director of Intelligo, said: “Despite the incredible challenges the pandemic has thrown at us, as a team we have risen to the challenge and ensured that it has been business as usual for our clients. I’m incredibly proud of our whole team, who not only pivoted to home working within a week but continued to deliver outstanding levels of service and delivery to our clients. In fact, over this time we’ve actually seen an increase in our client base while retaining all of our existing customers.”
“The hard work and dedication of our team underpins our shortlisting at both awards, and it would be fantastic for them to be recognised even further with a couple of wins! I would also like to extend our congratulations to all finalists across both awards, knowing just how much of a challenge this time has been for every company and employee. Best of luck to all on the night!”
The UK Customer Experience Awards (UKCXA® 2021) will announce their winners online on the 14th of October. The Growing Business Awards will be held at Grosvenor House, London, on the 24th of November.

Payroll software specialists Intelligo are finalists in the Customer Experience and Loyalty category at the UK Growing Business Awards 2021

Payroll software specialists Intelligo are finalists in the Employer of the Year category at the UK Growing Business Awards 2021

Payroll software specialists Intelligo are finalists in the Employee Experience in the Crisis (SME), Customer Experience in the Crisis (Up to 250 Employees), and B2B Customer Experience (SME) categories at the UK Customer Experience Awards 2021 (UKCXA® 2021)


A passion for simplicity and an understanding of the challenges that payroll specialists face in their day-to-day work led Padraig Gill and John Kellegher to found Intelligo in 1996. The result was the firm’s flagship payroll solution, MegaPay, which was designed to simplify complex payroll requirements and speed up payroll delivery across business environments and jurisdictions, and is now available in on-premises, on-cloud and outsourced versions.
In 2007, Intelligo launched its outsourced payroll department ⁠— MegaPay Outsourced ⁠— in response to demand for managed services arising from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), which saw organisations seek to reallocate spending and consolidate business focus.

Now, as businesses attempt to move beyond the global pandemic, Intelligo’s payroll solutions ensure firms can resolve difficult people management challenges quickly, accurately and with utmost compliance. Further, by making payroll faster, smarter and more accountable, MegaPay frees up payroll and HR resources, enabling firms to put their brightest talent to work on solving value-generating HCM and HR problems.

Intelligo has built a stellar reputation in the industry for operating with integrity and honesty, backed by highly skilled payroll specialists committed to industry-leading SLAs and award-winning customer service.

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