5 Tips for Choosing an Auto Shipping Company for Your Big Move

5 Tips for Choosing an Auto Shipping Company for Your Big Move

Almost all auto shipping companies claim to be the best in the industry, which is often false. There are many self-rating companies out there that promise you heaven on earth, and yet they offer whack services and poor customer experience. And then there are those that genuinely have your best interest at heart. The problem is how to differentiate between them. You deserve a convenient and reliable company to handle your car. That’s why you need to know how to shop around for an auto shipping company.

Below are five tips to help you choose the best auto shipping company for your upcoming big move.

Examine the Reputation and License Status

Start your search by scanning for auto shipping companies with outstanding track records. Don’t make your pick based on the first firm on the list. Read reviews and testimonials to evaluate customer experiences, and check the companies’ social media pages. For example, if you look at Sherpa auto transport reviews, the company has an average rating of 4.5. This is a sign that its services are top-class.

You can also request license papers from your preferred firm and go through them before signing any documents. You can’t afford to entrust your ride to a company that operates outside the law. Conduct a Google search or check the Better Business Bureau website. This will provide enough information to help you make up your mind. And if you aren’t satisfied, visit the company’s office in person to confirm its existence.

Analyze the Shipping Safety and Professionalism

A decent shipping company should have a courteous and responsive customer service team to respond to your concerns. A lack of a communication channel and failure to pick calls or reply to messages shows unprofessionalism.

After signing an agreement, a professional auto shipping firm should give you a delivery window and keep you updated throughout the entire process. You deserve to know right away if there is a delay in the delivery.

Don’t forget to ask the carrier if they performed background checks on their drivers. They should be professionals who drive well to ensure that your car arrives safely. Consider asking the shipping company whether it offers insurance coverage on shipments. If it does, find out what is covered. If not, find a cover agent or look for an alternative shipping company.

Research on the Shipping Costs and Quality of Services

The expense and quality of service are some of what matter most to customers when shipping a car. Most auto shipping companies’ websites have a quote calculator to help you calculate the amount needed to transport your vehicle.

Unfortunately, some calculators provide substandard quotes to attract more customers. A low shipping quote can compromise the quality of services you’ll get. It may even delay your shipment.

A smart way to ensure that you’re getting the best quote without giving up on the quality is to check assurances and benefits. If they are impressive, you can proceed to hire the company.

But note that shipping rates can change based on distance, the urgency of your shipment, and accessibility of your destination. Also, it is cheaper and easier to transport small vehicles than large ones.

Explore the Carrier Options and Cancellation Terms

Vehicle carrier trucks can either be open or closed. Open carriers are the most common and most affordable for automotive shipping. Closed carriers are few and only used after a customer request. They are best to transport expensive sports cars.

That said, your shipping company may need to outsource a closed carrier if you request your car to be transported safely and securely. This can cause delays, assuming the closed carrier is unavailable.

If you decide to cancel your reservation for whatever reason, you may be bound to a penalty in some shipping companies. Some companies will, however, compensate you for the penalty if you book again later.

Examine the Functionality of the Tracking System and Website

Knowing the status of your shipment will give you peace of mind and allow you to clear your schedule for when your car arrives. An incredible auto shipping company harnesses GPS tracking systems to help you keep tabs on the vehicle’s transportation status. It also leverages a user-friendly and secure website to ensure customers can easily access information. By visiting the site, you can find answers to most of the questions you may have about your shipment.

Bottom Line

You should prepare well before shipping your car to its next destination to avoid unpleasant surprises. Hiring an auto shipping company without doing your homework is a remedy for disappointment. For a smooth auto shipping experience, you should dig deep into the company’s safety measures, pricing, and terms and conditions. And if you want your car delivered on a specific day, be sure to book your shipping ahead of time.