Got into a Car Accident? Here are the six numbers you should have on your speed dial

Getting into an accident can be a scary experience for everyone. You see CCTV footage of accidents on TV sometimes and thank the lord that did not happen to you. However, the thing about accidents is that they are never intended and can happen to anyone. If you are in an accident that might have been deadly, then there will be many good Samaritans to help you on the scene and call the people who need to be called.

However, suppose the accident was a minor one or a slightly major one where you did not incur any injuries and were saved thanks to the safety features installed in your car. In that case, you might want to call a few people that will help you out in this situation. The Law Advisory, like always, is here for your aid. Here we share with you the most important numbers that you need to have in the case of a car accident.

Having these numbers on your speed dial is very important for you as there might be times that you may get sued for damages other than the car, which might even bankrupt you. So be vigilant and do your due diligence before going out to drive.

Here are the six numbers we think should be on your speed dial in case you get yourself into an accident.

  1. THE BIG ONE 911:

No matter how big or small the accident is, the first thing you have to do is call 911. If you have people around you who are injured, tell them to call an ambulance. As soon as you get 911, the nearest officer will be en route to you. God forbids if you are in an accident where you are injured, you should call 911 at that time. Just as a rule, if you are a driver or not, program your 911 to the number zero on your dial pad. If you are not conscious enough, then remember to press that zero. When the 911 operator does not hear you, they will dispatch a car to your location to check up on you.

Calling 911 will also benefit the police filing the necessary reports of the accidents, which can help you in your insurance claims.


The second person you will need to call is your auto accident attorney. They will guide you every step of the way. When you get in an accident, you should not be talking about anything or accept any money for your injuries or car repairs until your attorney has been called. This call should be done promptly as cases like these are very time-sensitive. Your attorney might even come on the spot or send in their investigators to fully comprehend the damages you have faced.


It would be best if you also let your auto insurance know you have gotten in an accident. Just inform them about what happened or what damages you have taken. Your attorney will help you walk you through the entire process, and they should be the ones navigating the whole process.


You might be asking me why you have to know a tow truck driver before you get into an accident. Well, here’s the thing. Some car mechanic shops have tow trucks on retainers. These Tow Trucks usually have radios installed in them, and they are tuned into the Police dispatch frequency. These Tow Truck drivers have always had their ears open for car accidents. Once they hear, they will run to your location, tow your car and take it to their affiliate mechanic shop. You might be asking now that is that not convenient? Well, No, it isn’t. These Tow Truck drivers charge hundreds of dollars from you, and then they get paid in commissions from the mechanic workshop. The Mechanics also overcharge you for the car repairs. Hence, it is wise you know a Tow Truck driver and decide the rates now before it is too late, and you are on the hook for thousands of dollars.


It would be best to let your mechanic know that your car has been dispatched to their location. This will give them a heads-up. Do keep a mechanic on your speed dial as well to save from incurring higher charges later.


After you have made all these calls, the final person you will want to call is your immediate loved ones. They might get a little mad for not calling them a little bit sooner but let them know you have everything under control.


Getting into a car accident can be a scary experience. However, if you know who to call, your experience will be a lot smoother.

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