Impacts of traffic accidents on the elderly, family and society

A traffic accident, whether involving an elderly person or not, depending on the severity and consequences of the event, generates repercussions in various fields of the life of the individual, family, and community. These repercussions can be the health field, economic and social aspects. When involving the elderly, this event presents a high risk of mortality and serious consequences to victims.

Why do senior citizens have many risks?

With regard specifically to the elderly, the consequences arising from a traffic accident can generate from physical to psychological. Due to the fragility of some organ systems, resulting from the aging process, accidents of this etiology commonly result in more serious injuries in the elderly, such as trauma, potentially fatal and related to long periods of hospitalization. Extremity injuries are also prevalent in elderly people who suffer traffic accidents.

It is quite common for the person involved to experience post-traumatic stress after a traffic accident, which can range from feelings of anxiety to the development of phobias. In the elderly, the situation is not different from that of other individuals of other age groups. For society, the impacts of a traffic accident regardless of the age group involved are very significant in economic, social, and health spheres.

Refresher courses for drivers

However, thanks to the driver refresher programs, especially for elders, senior citizens can improve their way of driving, knowledge, and skills. Several organizations offer these types of programs to help older drivers adjust to the challenges of driving in old age. If you are a senior citizen and want to join a specific program to renew your license, we suggest you join the driving test for seniors in Ontario.

It is a matter of responsibility

Based on research and data inherent to this type of accident involving the elderly, it is observed that traffic accidents in this population are preventable events, which could be prevented with some measures taken by the State and society in favor of the safety of these people.

Today, when they reach the age of 60 or more, people increasingly yearn to remain socially, economically, and politically active in their social environment, within their particularities. What is necessary is that society and the State respond appropriately to ensure safe transit for the elderly population. It is also important to emphasize the role of each one in the safety of the elderly person in traffic.

In the end

Understanding how to renew an elderly driver’s license is important, given that many drivers think that when they reach a certain age, they run the risk of not being able to drive anymore. However, this is not how it works, as this renovation will depend on many aspects, such as physical and mental conditions, so that the person can continue to circulate with their vehicle on public roads.

The good news is that there is no age limit to drive, as long as the driver meets the criteria presented to become able to drive a vehicle. So, be aware of these criteria, be aware of the renewal deadline, and avoid future problems.

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