Forklifts – 5 Facts you Might Not Know

You may think forklift and think nothing more than a piece of warehouse machinery used to lift and move heavy cargo. However, there’s much more to the humble forklift than you may think. Below we share five forklift facts guaranteed to make you think!

The Forklift was Originally Named the Tructractor

The first ever forklift-like machine to exist was the Trucctractor, invented in 1917. The tructractor was essentially a tractor with a flat bed attachment where loads would be manually loaded and unloaded. It was created by the CLARK equipment company in Buchanan, Michigan and was used to transport materials around the Clark site. When visitors to the plant saw the adapted vehicle, they were impressed with the ingenuity of the CLARK employees and asked that the company create more tructracktors for their own haulage needs. CLARK created eight new trucktracktoes in 1917 and over 75 tructractors the following year.

Forklifts Work Using Hydraulic Systems

Forklifts use hydraulic systems to lift such heavy loads. Hydraulic systems transfer energy from prime movers (engines, electric motors, wind turbines etc.) to an actuator (hydraulic cylinder or motor). Forklifts use a hydraulic drive system to lift heavy materials.

The World’s Strongest Forklift is the Kalmar DCG720

With the ability to lift a whopping 72 tonnes, the mighty DCG720 holds the world record for strongest forklift. To put things into perspective, that’s around 11 elephants, or 30 rhinos.

Forklift Rodeo is a Real Thing

Believe it or not, forklift rodeo is a real competition originally started by small forklift companies to encourage safe driving. Forklift rodeo involves certified participants taking on a specially designed forklift course of various obstacles. Prizes are awarded to participants who complete the course in the most efficient and safe ways possible. Prizes of all kinds are awarded from small cash prizes to forklifts and even all expenses paid holidays.

Forklifts are Valuable Warehouse Commodities

Not only are forklifts indispensable tools to warehouse operation but thieves like to target forklifts in particular. Forklifts are in fact one of the most commonly stolen warehouse items proving very valuable to thieves. Not only can forklifts be used to assist illegal activity such as stealing large items. Several cases have been reported where forklifts have been used in attempts to steal ATMs.

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