No Car? Here’s How LV Motors Puts You Back In the Driver’s Seat

We’ll say what everyone’s thinking: being without a car is rough. Relying on public transportation (if there even is public transportation in your area) and rides from friends, shelling out money for rideshare services or taxis, or spending too much time walking from place to place…no matter which way you slice it, it makes your life harder. But if you don’t have the funds to buy a car outright or the credit to qualify for a loan, what can you do?

There’s actually more hope than you think — LV Motors is here to help. This guide is all about how LV Motors works and how we can help you get that coveted set of car keys.

Why You’re Having a Hard Time Getting Auto Financing

There are several reasons you might be having trouble getting auto financing, especially since the financial rollercoaster of the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, you might have no credit, also known as being “credit invisible.” If you don’t have any credit cards, loans, or other credit accounts in your name, an auto lender doesn’t have a way to judge whether you’re a risk as a borrower. Most won’t even take the chance.

Second, you might have bad credit. Problems like credit accounts that are in default, high amounts of debt, and so on are incredibly common. Many people had great credit scores until the pandemic hit and led to struggles with paying their student loans and other bills on time. One period of financial difficulty can torch your credit in a hurry.

How LV Motors Can Help

The days of dealing with extraordinarily picky and risk-averse lenders are behind you because LV Motors is the answer you need. We specialize in guaranteed financing for vehicles, even for those with no credit or bad credit. We’re all about finding a solution so you can hop into the driver’s seat.

Keep in mind that when you get a loan through LV Motors, you’re not just getting the car you want and need. You’re also getting a new credit account in your name, so if you make your payments on time every month, this new account will boost your credit score more and more as time goes on.

How to Get Auto Financing from LV Motors

Getting an auto loan from LV Motors truly couldn’t be easier. All you need is:

  • A valid ID
  • Your down payment
  • Proof of your address, such as mail that has your name and current address on it

LV Motors is currently available in 36 states, so chances are that you can already get our financing where you are. We even have customers who fly in to use our services because they know they’ll be able to get the auto loan they need.

Start the Process of Getting Your Dream Car

Ready to stop scouring the financial industry for financing and get the financing you need? We’re here to help. Contact LV Motors today to jumpstart the process so you can solve your transportation problems in a hurry.