Top five places to live in Essex

Top five places to live in Essex

Essex is one of the best places to live in, in England. This county is located between London and the North Sea. Around the world, Essex is famously known for the University of Essex, which makes this a great town for students and families. There is so much to see and do in and around Essex, from the Blackwater salt marshes to the historic Colchester Castle, from the Colchester Zoo to the gorgeous vineyards. And, of course, this student-friendly town is known for its upscale cafes and fine-dining restaurants.  

According to The Times, West Mersea, Ingatestone and Epping were listed as the top 10 most desirable towns to live in the UK in 2020. Also, as the demand and priorities of the buyers have changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are choosing to shift out of the city centre and into the boroughs and suburbs. Technically, some of the towns in Essex are in London boroughs, which makes Essex a great place for those who are looking for a change from the hustle and bustle of city life. According to estate agents in Romford, here are the 5 five places to live in Essex.  

1 West Mersea

West Mersea is a little town set on the backwaters, just southeast of the ever-popular Colchester. Known for its gorgeous beaches and candy-coloured beach huts, West Mersea is the perfect place for people looking to live in and around the water. Often called ‘London island’, this paradise is known for its seafood, local pubs and water activities. A short drive to Colchester and a 45-minute journey by train to central London, it is safe to say that West Mersea is pretty accessible. West Mersea is a pretty community-oriented town, with supper clubs, events and food festivals happening all through the year. One of the most popular festivals here is the Mersea Island Food, Drink & Leisure Festival, a tourist favourite. 

2 Ingatestone

Known for its historic homes and picturesque cottages, Ingatestone is the perfect town for families and young adults. Ingatestone has everything one could ask for, from fancy restaurants to local boutiques, dog parks to picnic fields and even an ancient church that is 900 years old! Just half an hour away from  Liverpool Street by train, Ingatestone is very well connected. Since the population of Ingatestone is not too big, this is an excellent town for like-minded community-centric people.  

3 Colchester

Without a doubt, Colchester is one of the most famous towns in Essex. In fact, Colchester was the first town in Britain and the first capital of Britain. This town is especially known for its Victorian architecture. Great for families, professionals and students alike, this town has something for everyone. Colchester is a great place to start or raise a family with outstanding private schools and public schools. Also, Colchester has been rated the second safest town in Essex, making it the perfect place for you and your family. This town has many popular attractions, such as the Colchester Zoo, the Firstsite Art Gallery and the Colchester Castle Museum. Just 50 minutes away from London by train, this town is very accessible.  

4 Chelmsford

Chelmsford has been named as one of the best towns to live in in 2018 and 2019 by The Sunday Times, and estate agents in Ilford agree. Be it retail therapy at Bond Street, a tour of the Chelmsford Museum, a family picnic at the infamous Hylands Park, a walk along the riverside trails of Central Park or a visit to the gorgeous Chelmsford Cathedral; there is so much to do in this happening town. Just a 35-minute train ride to Liverpool Street, this town is pretty central. Essentially, Chelmsford is an excellent place for families and nature-lovers, as this town is known for its close-knit community, low crime rates and abundant green space. 

5 Epping

 Epping is a nature-lovers paradise, surrounded by gorgeous views, nature, greenery and the countryside. One of the things that makes Epping famous is the Epping Forest. The Epping Forest is 6000 acres of oak trees, ponds, fishing lakes, ancient beech and greenery. Originally a royal hunting ground, the Epping Forest has now been handed over to the city. Apart from this, the market town of Epping is known for its good schools, family-friendly atmosphere and low crime rates, making it a great city for families. Just a 45-minute train ride to London, Epping allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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