What To Expect During Your First Driving Lesson

If you have never been behind the wheel before and you have booked your first driving lesson, you may be wondering what to expect. Despite the nerves and anxiety of the unknown, many young learners will have a lot of questions to begin with. When it comes to your first driving lesson you shouldn’t worry; you will not be the first beginner your driving instructor has ever seen who may be feeling quite nervous. In fact, this is so normal! Good driving instructors will prepare all first lessons to be suitable for beginners, so not to make these nerves worse. They will often take time getting to know you first and asking any questions you may have about the upcoming process of learning to drive. Established driving school, Beverly Slater has offered some information to help you understand what your first driving lesson will be like. 

Preparing for your lesson

First of all, it is really important you come prepared to your lesson. It is crucial you are on time to your lesson, as your instructor is sure to have other learners scheduled in later that day.

Wearing sensible shoes which are comfortable and practical to drive in. It is not sensible to turn up in flip flops or open-toed shoes. 

Take with you your provisional license and if you have already completed your theory test- your theory test certificate. Your driving instructor will need to see your license to ensure you are legally allowed to drive their car. 

Getting to know your instructor 

To begin, your instructor will start by discussing the process they use to teach their students to drive. Now is a really great time to ask any questions you have and get to know your instructor. After all you will be spending a lot of time with them, so it’s good to start off on the right foot. It is really important at this point that you express any worries or concerns you have with driving so your instructor can tailor these lessons to you. 

The Vehicle

Often your instructor will pick you up from your home, place of work or study. This is the car you will be learning in. It will have dual controls so that the instructor can take over when necessary. Dual controls simply mean your instructor will have extra pedals on the passenger side of the car. Whenever the dual control must be used, they will explain to you why they had to do this after doing so.  

On your first lesson, do not expect to do too much driving. This is a lesson that requires a lot of discussion, as your instructor explains the different features of the car and what they do. Typically, if you are ready, you will start by driving on a very quiet straight of road to experience accelerating, braking and changing gear. 

Getting Behind The Wheel

Once your instructor feels you are ready to begin driving the vehicle, they will decide a pace which suits you in a safe environment away from other road users. You will begin by learning the basics of driving a vehicle such as moving off, getting into gear, finding the biting point and clutch control, using your mirrors, signalling, and braking. During the lesson your instructor will take a cautious approach and will not put you into a situation you are not yet comfortable with. For some people their first lesson will see them get into 4th and 5th gear learning to stop and start, for others they may remain stationary learning to find the biting point. This is all based upon how quickly you take everything in. 

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