Baby Shower – Planning Tips to Do it Right

You can be the sister to the mom to be or a friend, but let’s face it – planning a baby shower is quite an exciting experience, but it can be just as stressful as planning a wedding. 

You want the party to go off without a hitch and be perfect for all of your friends and family and, of course, the parents to be who will celebrate during this beautiful occasion!

There’s no greater gift than the gift of life, and we understand how important it is to share happiness with others. Think about what games your guests would like to play or any activities you’d like everyone to participate in throughout the day! 

Plan for a great menu full of fun choices, but also something that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds! It all might seem like a lot, so we are here to break it down for you. 

Let’s go 

Go To The Basics

Initially, decide where you want to hold the party: in your backyard, country club, or in a nearby park. 

You could even select a location that you know is unique to the parents. Next, consider the guest list. You don’t want a large group of people, but you want one that includes your closest friends and family.

A baby shower can be scheduled at any time between the second and early third trimester, as the mother is far enough to show the cute baby bump but not far enough along to feel exhausted to celebrate. 

Send The Invitations Away

The next thing you need to do is to think of ways to let your guests know about the baby shower. 

You can send out beautiful invitations, including illustrations that are both cute and informational. These details include information about your party’s dates, time, location, and RSVP details.

Select On A Theme

Once you’ve completed the basic set-up, which includes deciding on a location for the party and sending out invitations, you’ve completed half of the work. Now turn your attention to the other aspects of the party preparations.

Choosing a theme is one of the most important decisions you can make.

While it is not necessary for you to choose a theme, once you do, everything else, from invitations to decorations to food and cake, falls into place.

For example, if you have a mermaid-themed baby shower, you can go all out with the underwater theme.

Make sure you hire a photographer in Birmingham uk, to capture the beautiful moments! 

Plan The Menu

If the parents-to-be have a favourite place, such as Italy, you can have an Italian menu for your meal. 

You can have cute berries and dips on the counter, beautiful sliders on a wooden board or beautiful Caesar salads on the menu, or a popcorn bag that says- Ready To Pop!

If you want a little more fun, do this: Take an ice cube and place small baby figurines in it for a fun effect. Display it in front and let people put one on the mouth. The first one to make the ice melt and let the tiny baby figure are free to shout, “My water broke first!”

Use Baby Shower Decorations To Dress Up The Stage

You don’t want to go all out with a decoration, but you want to make small changes to revamp the space. 

You can use whatever you want for baby shower decorations; a welcome sign, perhaps some balloons, and if you love flowers, you can go overboard with flowers—they are lovely. 

Even a Photo Booth with some props for the soon-to-be parents and their friends to take pictures with is a nice touch.


It doesn’t matter how extravagant or simple you go to throw a baby shower. It will come together to be an event for the parents to remember forever. 

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