3 Best Inverter Batteries to Complement Your Power Backup System Perfectly

3 Best Inverter Batteries to Complement Your Power Backup System Perfectly

Ever thought about how boring life would be without television, music, or the internet? Well, that’s what happens when the lights go out, doesn’t it? Frequent power cuts are a huge problem in India, especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities where the infrastructure to deliver constant power 24×7 still isn’t quite up to the mark. Even in big cities like Delhi, power cuts are still prevalent during the hottest times of the year due to an increased demand for power.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to sweat it in the heat. What you need is a great quality power backup that can continue to deliver uninterrupted power even in case of heavy usage. Luminous has a wide range of  the best inverter battery  that is designed to provide constant power backup even in areas with long and frequent power cuts so that you can spend more time enjoying life than fretting over when the power’s going to be back.

When it comes to the best inverter battery, there are majorly three types of batteries you can choose from: GEL, Tubular, and Flat Plate Batteries. Each of them has their strong points and are designed to serve specific requirements. Since we all have different needs for power backup, it’s important to choose the battery type that best takes care of your requirement.

  1. GEL Battery

They are the most efficient of the three when it comes to home usage and are custom built using a compact container to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. Moreover, the GEL battery offers 20% more reliability and delivers consistent power throughout its service life.

In addition, they are designed for zero spillage, thereby eliminating the risk of releasing any harmful fumes keeping your family safe, and offer unhindered backup during long and frequent power cuts, making it the go-to choice for buyers looking for the best inverter battery.

GEL Battery Features: 

  • They offer consistent performance throughout their service life
  • They require ZERO maintenance and have a low operational cost
  • No gas or fume emissions making them extremely safe for homes
  • They have excellent high-temperature resistance

Tubular Battery

A tubular battery is the ideal inverter battery for you if you need backup to operate numerous home appliances at the very same time. A tubular battery is built to be durable and may provide constant power for up to 8 years, with a low cost of operation. Such batteries are suitable for areas that experience frequent power outages and can handle large appliances such as air conditioners, geysers, as well as pumps. So, if you’re looking for the best inverter battery, this might be it.

Tubular Battery Highlights:  

  • Designed for regions where power outages often occur and over lengthy periods
  • Due to the ease with which acid flows through the tubular plate architecture, it needs less water topping compared to flat plate batteries
  • They can retain a lot of distilled water, which makes them less likely to dry up rapidly
  • Flat plate batteries are less dependable
  • Typically has a longer warranty duration than that of the flat plate variant
  • Consistent performance

Flat Plate Battery

A Flat Plate battery is like a normal lead-acid battery that utilizes positive and negative plates. However, they have excellent charge acceptance and low water loss, making them ideal for places where power outages occur often.

In addition, it’s the best inverter battery if you want a battery that is ready to be used – straight out of the box because they’re factory charged and ready to go the moment you power it in.

Flat Plate Battery Highlights:

  • Most appropriate for frequent power outages with short outages
  • Faster recharging – always ready for use
  • Heat-sealed Plastic Container – reduced danger of acid spills and are environmentally friendly
  • Patented alloy formula, guaranteeing little water loss – less maintenance

Choosing the best inverter battery is key to solving your unique power backup requirements. Therefore, always choose a battery that serves your specific purpose. While you are at it, remember to explore options from a reputable brand such as Luminous and find options that align with your unique requirements!