Sunglasses Styles & Trends for Women Who Want to Stand Out In 2020

Sunglasses and trends for women in 2020 are all about being bold and dynamic. Playful and funk is definitely in.

As we kick off the new decade, there’s no more rigid formula for what looks good or elegant or beautiful. These days, the crazier the better: style is defined by personal touches and conversation pieces. Remember that everyone’s face is different and a big part of fashion is attitude!

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top sunglasses trends for women who are looking to switch it up and make a bold fashion statement. Keep reading to see which trends to follow to take your personal style to the next level this year!

Blocky Frames

As we move forward to the future, we pay homage to the campy, funky trends that are all about channelling space and time travel. Block frames in a variety of colours and finishes are going to be all the rage this year. From MiuMiu to Sorvino to Versace, brands are definitely going to be experimenting with how thick they can go when it comes to frames.

These are perfect for days when you’re more relaxed and looking to spice up an otherwise basic outfit. Great for the summer, make sure to get a pair that you can slip on when the warmer months approach. These are sure to spice up your wardrobe, keeping you stylish, trendy, and unique!

Sunglasses with Exaggerated Tips

Forget horn-rimmed, sunnies this season are going to have wings for tips. Another play on shape is through the exaggeration of frame shapes. This coming 2020, regular frames will pretty much disappear from the shelves.

Instead, they’ll be replaced by intricate frames from brands like Gucci and Dior which are innovative and bordering on strange. These are art-inspired and experiment with a number of materials including glitter, crystals, steel, and plastic. If you’re a trendsetter and are looking for the next trend to push forward, then these are definitely for you.

Rectangular Aviators

A twist on the model that became iconic and fashionable in the 70s, these take the masculine edge of regular aviators and up the ante. These are a great way to innovate business wear: if you’re wearing a power pantsuit to a meeting, why not look extra sharp when you slip on these classy sunglasses?

Unlike regular aviators, these come in bolder colours–Ray Ban has even put out one with holographic lenses! These are a funky and dynamic twist on a classic that we all know and love.

Butterfly Shades

These shades are known for being feminine but strong, bringing out the alpha woman in even the shyest of personalities. These iconic sunnies that were made famous by Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe are due for a comeback this season. Put them on and you can be sure you’ll be the centre of attention at any party.

These sunglasses usually come in neutral shades like black and brown, but this year they’ll be available in unique colours: from lavender to fuschia to robin’s egg blue. The lenses will also be very different than what we’re used to. This year is all about reflective and metallic lenses so get ready to blind when you slip these on!

Cat Eye

True to their namesake, this is probably the only pair of classic sunglasses that are staying in style this year. That said they’ll definitely be given a twist that takes you to both Breakfasts at Tiffany’s and Star Wars. The revamp this year has less to do with shape and more to do with colour and the kind of steel used for the frames.

This year we’ll be seeing this elegant but understated classic get a bold twist in rose gold, brilliant silver, and platinum. Brands will be reinventing this classic and experimenting with the lenses as well: from reflective black to lightly tinted turquoise. Invest in a pair of these and you’ll be looking funky and adventurous even past 2020!

Sunglasses are a perfect way to accessorize and in 2020, these will be more than just an accessory–they’ll be a conversation starter. These bold styles are available both in-store and online at awesome sunglasses shops like Great Southern Sunnies.

When you shop, make sure to think about which pair is best to invest in, given your current wardrobe. Whichever pair you choose should enhance your current personal style, not change it completely. Invest in your image, confidence, and self-expression when you get yourself a new pair this year!