Hypergroup Launches Competition on LinkedIn to Giveaway a Custom Designed Logo

ASHFORD, Kent. June 15, 2020 /PRF/ — Hypergroup (Hypergroup.com) has launched a competition from LinkedIn in which they are offering one of the platform’s users the opportunity to win a special, custom-designed brand logo valued at £600. This prize is available to businesses of any size, whether they are brand new or have existed for years. However, the competition is only available to new clients who have not previously worked with the company. The competition is running until the end of June 2020. (Branding Agency Kent).

Anyone interested in finding out more or anyone who wishes to enter the contest can find everything they need at: https://www.hypergroup.com/june-2020-logo-giveaway/

Strong brand identity and a company’s success go hand in hand. For an identity to be strong, it needs to be memorable, to stand out from the competition. Getting this right the first time around is important, as spending time and effort to change a weak brand later down the line is far more trouble than simply getting it right the first time. This is why it is important for businesses to work with a company who is capable of creating something that is suitable. It is not easy to find a branding company that is capable of capturing what a particular business means to its customers within a piece of graphic design.

Hypergroup is one such company that focuses on creating pieces of impactful branding which are individually designed to help specific businesses succeed and thrive. They do this by utilising a creative team made up of experienced professionals who know how to work with clients to understand the individual needs of their brand. With this understanding, they can move on to create a unique piece of brand identity that fulfils all of their clients’ requirements. This piece of design will not only look great when it is finished but it will continue to look great as the years pass and will look great across a wide variety of different media.

Hypergroup has a long history of working with various large brands. Some of the clients they have designed for include Shell, Motorola and Instinet. This means that any of their clients, and the winner of this competition, can be confident that Hypergroup has repeatedly proven itself capable of delivering excellent designs across a wide variety of different sectors. Outside of this competition, it would be reasonable to expect this level of expertise to come with a hefty price tag. However, one of the advantages of working with Hypergroup is that it offers the same levels of quality as larger agencies at a competitive rate.

About Hypergroup

Hypergroup are a virtual team of creatives and digital specialists, led by Marlon Duncanson, a senior designer and project manager with over 25 years’ creative industry experience. We specialise in the financial, corporate and tech sectors but we also have robust experience working in many other sectors. We have built our reputation by working with leading brands that demand quality design to help them succeed in crowded and competitive markets.

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