Just Fascias Now Offer Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Throughout Kent and Surrey

ASHFORD, Kent. June 15, 2020 /PRF/ — Just Fascias (Justfascias.com) have expanded their services to include expert roof cleaning and moss removal. Some people believe themselves capable of effectively cleaning their own roof. However, the DIY approach often leads to unintentional damage and the best way to avoid this is to hire experts. Just Fascias roof cleaning and moss removal services use state of the art cleaning techniques for a guaranteed deep clean without any damage. (Roof Cleaning Kent)

In order to safely clean roof tiles of any condition or age of dirt and moss, Just Fascias utilises the air-pole cleaning system. This system avoids using fluids more than is absolutely necessary in order to prevent any accidental damage from occurring. Water, especially when used at high pressure, can easily make its way past the tiles and cause damage. This is why jet washing is one of the riskier methods of cleaning a roof. The air-pole cleaning system mitigates this risk entirely, there is no wet moss leftover either and the cleaners do not need to stand on the roof which further reduces the chance of any broken tiles.

This cleaning process efficiently cleans any roof and restores its natural colour. Another one of the disadvantages of pressure-washing is that even when it does not cause any damage, it quickly bleaches the colour from roof tiles and prevents them from ever looking truly great ever again. By contrast, the air-pole cleaning system provides a better clean, is more efficient and causes less mess than any other commonly used roof cleaning method.

After the roof has been cleaned, the cleaning professionals will take the time to gather up any dirt, moss or debris that is created during the cleaning process. This will be safely disposed of so that all you are left with is a clean roof and no additional mess or problems.

Among its other advantages, air-pole cleaning is both high-safety and low-risk. As mentioned, the cleaners never stand on your rook when working. This means there is no danger of injury to them and no chance of accidentally broken roof tiles. All work is carried out according to the latest health and safety regulations and all of Just Fascias’ staff members are highly-trained and certified professionals.

Anyone who is interested in having their roof cleaned or anyone who simply wants to know more about the process can contact Just Fascias directly. The company offer a range of payment options and are happy to answer any questions on behalf of their customers.

About Just Fascias

Just Fascias are roof cleaning specialists, covering Kent and Surrey. Please visit https://www.justfascias.com to arrange a free, no obligation quotation They do use not pressure-selling techniques and the majority of sales visits take around 20 minutes.

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