Empowering the wearer and the makers: Contemporary Islamic attire by Noor Mendili

In 2020 designer Noor Mendili launched Arabian Boutique  presenting her eclectic and stylish collection of islamic wear designed especially for young British and American Muslims. Made from lightweight Nidha fabric, satin silk, denim and velvet, Mendili’s abaya’s are comfortable and easily wearable over other items of clothing. Featuring beautiful geometric designs, delicate beading or traditional symbols there is an abaya for every style and every occasion. The collection includes a host of popular and versatile styles including the Open and Closed Abaya, Cape Abayas, Zipped Abaya’s and dramatic Batwing and Butterfly silhouettes.

Traditional Islamic attire has a 4000 year history and has adapted in style and decoration with each new generation of women wearers. Especially popular in Dubai, abaya’s are arguably the most fashion forward article of Islamic attire and the varied designs allow the wearer true personal expression while maintaining modesty and quiet elegance. Mendili’s approach to design is to respect the heritage but acknowledge the cultural needs of each emerging new generation. Some of the most unique pieces in the Arabian Boutique collection combine modesty with a street-inspired leisure-wear while others adhere to tradition and decoration. The ‘stay home stay comfy’ collection, Sporty Abaya with Pocket is fun for lounging around at home, or for a quick dash to the shops, while the Light Hooded Casual abaya Dress is perfect for the woman with a busy day ahead. In complete contrast with these, there is also the effortlessly chic Black Open Velvet Abaya With Beaded Design. Perfect for formal functions and business meetings, this stylish abaya looks sophisticated, refined and opulent.

The Designer and Founder of Arabian boutique, 35 year old Mendili, was born in Saudi Arabia, studied fashion design in Morocco before moving to London. Her global travels are reflected in her designs and her personal design philosophy. Inspired by the vibrant culture and colourful designs of Morocco, her creations combine the bold north African aesthetic with the understated and elegant line of the classic Saudi abaya silhouette. The resulting islamic attire is a true expression of Mendili’s belief that:

“Contemporary modest clothing should meet the aesthetic and cultural needs of the new generation of Muslims living in the West. That women can wear beautiful colourful clothing and elegantly adhere to the rules and modesty requirements of modern Islamic culture”

Designed in the UK, Mendili’s Islamic attire is made in Ningxia, in North-West China, an autonomous region populated predominantly by Muslims. Mendili chose to make the Abaya’s in this historic remote location in the hope that her business could support the local Muslim community in what is widely considered a nation lacking adequate religious freedom. Wearing modest fashions from Arabian Boutique shouldn’t just empower the wearer, but also the communities that make the garments.

Arabian Boutique offer a wide variety of Islamic attires for Muslim (and non Muslim) women around the world. Available in a wide variety of sizes to suit the diverse body types, each garment is designed to promote, pride, confidence and elegance of the wearer.

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