Want to appear as best dressed guest at your next wedding? Just follow these simple tips

Want to appear as best dressed guest at your next wedding? Just follow these simple tips

So, you’ve been invited to a wedding – and, apart from picking out what moves you’ll be busting out on the dancefloor after the first dance, your focus is now on figuring out what exactly you are going to wear.  

If you’ve received a wedding invite, count yourself lucky! – it’s not every day you can dress up in a suit and look your best. Why not take things a step further and, rather than aiming to look like you’ve just tried, aim to be the best-dressed guest?  

In this guide, we’ve put together some simple tips to ensure you are the best dressed guest at the next wedding you attend! 

Wear a tie clip

The tie is the finishing touch to any wedding suit – and a tie clip is that extra little touch of class. Tie clips are among the many additional suit features and accessories that make a basic suit look like a luxury one. It may seem unnecessary but adding a tie clip to your outfit can make everything look more coordinated. A tie clip should match your cufflinks, your watch, and all other metal accessories to completely transform your look. You can find the perfect suit accessories from a retailer like T.M. Lewin or your local suit shop. 

Patterned and textured suits

Instead of wearing a simple blue or grey suit that you’d wear to an interview or in the office, we advise choosing one with some texture or a light pattern. Plain navy is smart, but also very common – so it won’t get you very far in the race to become the best dressed guest. However, a navy checked, or textured suit could win over all guests and leave you feeling special.  

Traditional tweed

The TV series Peaky Blinders has made traditional tweed suits all the rage for weddings nowadays. Wear a tweed suit with a pocket watch – and potentially a flat cap, too – and you will stand out from other guests in all the best ways. During winter, you can even grab a matching tweed waistcoat and rock the three-piece or get rid of the blazer entirely during the summer.  

Pocket square

Simply adding a pocket square to your outfit can completely transform a man’s suit. Remember not to buy a square that matches your tie or bow tie precisely. The two should instead work well together. A pocket square should not protrude excessively from out of your blazer pocket, it should sit perfectly to create a better look. Choose the most appropriate size for your blazer or jacket and figure out the best way to fold it accordingly. 

Wear something new that makes you feel good

The most crucial thing for any wedding guest to remember is that attending a wedding is an opportunity to enjoy yourself and forget about your daily duties. Your attire should enhance a fun day of celebrations and make you feel fantastic. Wedding suits often look and feel very different from the everyday business suits we wear for work – but they are fitted to make you feel good about yourself, allowing you to party into the night.  

And there you have it – all the tips and tricks you need to be the best dressed guest at your next wedding engagement.