7 Trending Groomsmen Gifts for 2023

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, without question, but the guys that stand with you will help make it unforgettable. There are so many responsibilities that groomsmen take on beyond just standing beside you on your big day; that’s why finding the perfect groomsmen gift to say thank you is critical. There are traditional and trending groomsmen gifts; currently, some merge into modern twists on the classics. If you’ve got some guys that have stuck with you through thick and thin and now have taken on another role in your life as a groomsman, keep reading about the trending ways to say, “I love you, man, thanks.”

Rare Cigars 

It’s common to relax and unwind on the big day while the groom’s party gets ready with a few clean drinks and cigars, but why not give your groomsmen some rare cigars? While the price points may vary, these high-end cigars are worth the investment for your guys to enjoy on their own at home and also as a shared experience at the groomsmen’s party before the wedding.

Weekender Bag 

Whether your groomsmen had to come into town for your wedding or not, traveling is something everyone does – your guy deserves to do it in style! Besides, his suitcase or weekender is likely a little beat up, or he may still travel like a minimalist and use a backpack. A weekender is how grown men travel in style, making these the perfect gift. Add his monogrammed initials to make it even more special.

Designer Cologne

One of the groomsmen’s most important jobs is ensuring he is groomed for your big day, so the gift of a designer cologne like Sauvage by Dior or Club De Nuit Intense is an easy way to make him feel special and top of his grooming routine. If he’s single, he’ll appreciate how the cologne boosts his confidence and attractiveness at the reception around other members too.

Instant Print Cameras 

Sure, you’ve hired a photographer to capture the moments on your big day, even the behind-the-scenes ones, but let your groomsmen have a shot at taking their own candids. Instant print cameras bring a sense of nostalgia, but they also provide immediate mementos of a day that, while most important to you, is still a special day for the men standing beside you. Remember to include plenty of film with this gift!

Cocktail Glasses 

We all need a small drink or two on our wedding days as we experience the jitters – so give your guys a set of fancy cocktail glasses to remember the day. A nice touch would be to add a bottle of their favorite liquor so they can enjoy this present as soon as they get home from your wedding.

Hip Flask 

If you want to give him a gift he’ll get plenty of miles out of, a flask is a perfect present. Whether stainless steel or embossed with leather, a hip flask is always a homerun groomsmen gift, and it’s one of the hottest wedding trends this year. Double flasks are having a major moment, so consider making him a double.

Skincare Set 

You and your groomsmen’s party will have a lot of fun the weekend of your big day, so helping him stay wide-eyed and bushy-tailed requires more than a cup of coffee or two. A skincare set with plenty of under-eye patches, moisturizers, deep cleansers, and lip balms will have him looking and feeling his best. Sure, all eyes are on you and your bride-to-be (and her wedding dress) during the nuptials, but your groomsman party will be in plenty of photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime, so everyone must look their best. 

Other gifts worth considering include a dopp kit, a masculine-scented high-end candle, designer sunglasses, or even a signet pinky ring engraved with his initials. You know your guys better than anyone, but chances are, there’s something for all of them on the abovementioned list. Congratulations on your wedding, but congratulations are also in order for having men in your life that mean enough to you to ask to stand beside you on such a momentous occasion. Cheers, to love!