Add These Services To Take Your Wedding Business to the Next Level

Weddings are big business. And business is good. In good times and bad, people will always want to get married. If you have even a small piece of the wedding business, you are likely to do well.

As with any business, you have to do the work and take it seriously. Success is not guaranteed. There are plenty of expenses such as marketing. You will enjoy some word of mouth benefits because people getting married often have friends in the same age group. That said, you cannot rely on word of mouth alone. 

In such a huge business, your biggest challenge will be competition. You will have to figure out how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. That is where a bit of creativity comes into play. There will always be some competitor who has better equipment than you, more experience, and more money to invest in marketing. But you can still regain the edge by adding services including the following:

Sparklers and Fireworks Displays

Sparklers for wedding events are a very nice and affordable add-on that your competition probably isn’t providing. Yet it is the kind of thing that always brings a smile to all the faces. It is a way of providing surprise and delight. 

Just be sure to bring safety to the party. Anytime fire is involved, you have to be sure there is plenty of separation from highly flammable decorations and frills. There is a big difference between your reception being fire and being on fire.

For repeat business, you can find gender reveal ideas and offer another event a few months later. Booking the second event will be easy if they enjoyed the first one.

Besides the usual safety measures you should take, be sure to get enough sparklers and combustibles to have for rehearsal. Be sure everyone knows what to do, where to stand, how to work the equipment, and what to do if something happens that they don’t expect. You can’t have fun if you don’t have safety first

As an event planner, you will do your research once and use the same supplier every time. The reason is that you gain trust in the supplier and become an expert with the product. Using different suppliers all the time means you keep having to go back to square one. 

The other benefit to sticking with a supplier and product is that your local regulations will require different things for different products. So once you have vetted the supplies you like, you don’t have to repeat the work and worry about something that isn’t up to spec. This is the kind of thing that can make your service stand out above the rest.

Pre-Wedding Fitness Courses

As a part of your complete package of services, you can offer exercise courses that will ensure the couple is looking and feeling their best. The lead up to the most special day in a person’s life is often the most stressful and least healthy time in their life. A five week course centered around wellness can be a lot of fun for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you personally have any expertise in that area. As an event planner, you are like a contractor who brings in subcontractors for the heavy lifting. You negotiate the fees and discounts in return for exclusivity. Just make sure that the fitness subcontractor is always on speed dial. It will be a very popular service that everyone will want in preparation for their special day.

Post-Wedding Counseling

There aren’t any couples that couldn’t benefit from marriage counseling somewhere along the way. Marriage counseling is not a sign of failure, but a sign that your marriage is a priority. The first few weeks after the wedding is a great place to have the first session. Everyone is still in the honeymoon period and counseling will not seem like a threat. It can keep the marriage on track and help the couple to avoid an emotional crash a few weeks after the big day. When counseling services are a regular part of the life of a couple, their long term outlook is greatly improved.

The wedding business is highly competitive. But you can gain the edge by offering sparklers, wellness classes, and counseling services.