Pretty Polly Naturals Skin Tone Tights Are The New Growing Trend!

A very popular trend in leg wear is creating sheer tights that are subtle. Many designers attempt to create items that are almost invisible, with a thickness of 10 denier or less.

Super sheer or ultra sheer tights are made so that you can cover up blemishes and add an even skin tone to your legs, without giving the game away that you are wearing anything at all.

This trend has grown season after season and as we are about to enter Spring of 2018, we will see more and more of these types of tights. Many designers are releasing whole ranges dedicated to the purpose rather than just a 5 denier version of an existing design as they used to.

One such range is Pretty Polly Naturals Skin Tones. The Naturals range was a staple of leg wear lovers and fashionistas for years when it came to light and sheer summer tights. But they never went that extra mile to hide themselves and make it seem like you were wearing nothing at all. This new range of theirs is all about staying behind the scenes and giving your legs all the credit.

This particular range is one of dozens, but it is particularly noteworthy as it is inexpensive, high quality and comes from a household name. Pretty Polly’s new range has already proven popular before the warm weather arrives, reports UK Tights, one of their retailers.

This is a trend that is growing in leg wear and many designers are embracing it for a number of reasons.

One is that there is a rowing concern for health and personal well being, and that means that many women are shopping for things that enhance their own figures that they work hard to maintain, rather than hide them.

Another is an increasing modern approach to design and fashion, with less is more being the catchphrase unofficially of many designers.

And something that fashion scouts and trend spotters might notice too is that there is a growing trend in visible tattoos among younger women. Heavily patterned tights obscure these and only ultra sheers give your legs a great colour whilst letting body art be seen.

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