5 tips for dressing vintage without looking like a grandmother!

Would you like to dress vintage but don’t know where to start? In this post I give you 5 useful tips to dress vintage without looking like a grandmother. Obviously the title is ironic, but I often realize that people’s fear of vintage dressing is precisely that of risking looking too retro!

In reality, with the right combinations you can create very beautiful and original outfits by wearing vintage clothes but giving it a touch of modernity. I mean… something between old and new!

  1. If you use vintage clothes, choose modern hair and makeup

If you dress vintage in order not to look too “retro” it is recommended to wear modern hair and make-up. On the other hand, if you dressed vintage and also wore retro makeup and hair, the final effect would perhaps be a bit too much and you would risk looking like a 50s lady!

  1. Choose vintage pieces that look like current fashions.

Many stylists and fashion houses having huge vintage archives draw inspiration from these archives for modern collections as well. In fact, if you notice many of the modern trends they are reinterpretations of past fashions. 

An example? Definitely the waist pants and full skirts!

  1. Modern accessories.

It is very nice to combine vintage clothes with modern accessories, think for example of a nice vintage dress combined with a bag or modern shoes. In this way you will also be able to play down a garment that is perhaps too extravagant or too classic! Instead of looking like an old woman “lost in the wrong era”, why don’t you try new accessories that look retro and cool at the same time? An example is the clout googles black. This item is very popular these days, especially among young people who want to look retro.

  1. Mix vintage and modern

The mix of vintage and modern is probably the easiest way to start working on your vintage wardrobe, as well as being an easy way to make even a much more elegant and sophisticated vintage piece more wearable by day.

  1. Mix vintage garments from different years

The vintage garments that can be found do not always belong to the same years, indeed many times you can find, for example, 50s garments and other times 70s garments. Even when you wear a total vintage look, you can enrich it with accessories from different years that make the outfit more unique and sophisticated. This mix can have the same effect as blending new and vintage pieces. Different combinations of colors, shapes and fabrics serve to make the outfit modern and timeless. In fact, mixing eras can be the funniest way to wear vintage!

These are just some of the tips for dressing vintage without looking like a grandmother.

Surely with vintage clothes you will have the opportunity to have unique garments and it is also a way to help the environment, support small businesses by shopping in small shops and vintage websites and it is also a way to express your creativity to have one unique style. I hope you enjoyed this post with 5 tips for dressing vintage without looking like a grandmother.

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