What are club ties?

A club tie is a tie which features an insignia, crest, symbol or repeated pattern and indicates the wearer’s membership to a particular group or organisation. Wearing such a tie is often a great talking point, especially if you have a regimental tie from a previous Armed Forces career, for example. Today, club ties can be found in schools, charities, gentlemen’s clubs and sports teams.

The history of club ties

Perhaps what’s most fascinating about club ties is that they were worn before the ties we wear today were even created. Originating in England, men used to wear silk cravats to showcase their membership to a military regiment or gentlemen’s club. Over the years, the design of cravats evolved into what we now consider to be modern ties.

Club ties have always been associated with regiments or gentlemen’s clubs, but they also hark back to public schools and sports teams. After WWI, they reportedly experienced a boost in popularity, especially in America. It was at this point that the club tie became a fashion statement rather than the reserve of gentlemen’s clubs or organisations.

How to wear club ties

Suit or coat?

Both suits and sports coats work really well with classic club ties. In terms of suits, the classic 2-button cut is perfect for more formal events like dinners or awards, while sports coats or blazers are more suited to informal occasions such as travelling to games and matches.


Navy, light blue or brown club ties work really well when paired with dark navy suits. If you have a striped club tie, you could be really daring and pair it with a crisp shirt with narrow stripes. However, it’s really simple to achieve a casual look with club ties too – we find red and navy ties work really well when paired with beige or light-coloured blazers and a nice pair of chinos.

Accessories and shoes

If you’re wanting to achieve a classic look, shoes such as Oxfords or penny loafers will hit the right mark. Pair these with bowler hats, pocket squares, pocket watches and umbrellas to complete your outfit.

For women, club ties work really well with a white blouse and a pair of smart trousers. Club ties can even be turned into scarves to be worn around the neck or as belts.

What are the different types of club ties?

From golf and rugby to football and cricket, there is a club tie for every sports team, school and gentlemen’s club today. Although the concept may be a little old-fashioned, the designs and materials used don’t have to be. It’s now possible to purchase club ties made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled yarn, saving the equivalent of two plastic bottles from ending up in landfill or our oceans.

Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, there is no limit when it comes to designing club ties either. From hundreds of colour choices to jacquard or printed designs, your team, band or club can wear their ties with pride.

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